Signing Day Impact: Mike Brewster

Mike Brewster is a Buckeye. The commitment of Mike Brewster was considered a major find for the Buckeyes in the spring of 2007. It wasn't until Brewster started recruiting the rest of the Ohio State 2008 recruiting class, that the true impact of landing this superstar was felt. Bill Greene has more on the Mike Brewster signing.

Michael Brewster selected Ohio State over top programs like USC and Florida. He comes to Ohio State as the highest ranked center in America. Brewster enrolled at Ohio State in January.


Mike Brewster might have been THE most important recruit for the Buckeyes in 2008. Not only is he a potential star on the field, but his recruiting work off the field has a near Buckeye legend, before he plays a down.

Not to be discounted is the vast amount of talent Brewster brings to the table, at a position of critical need for Ohio State. Brewster will start out at the center position, and could be pushing Jim Cordle for playing time sooner than most people expect. Mike Brewster is THAT good.

"Mike Brewster is a truly athletic specimen who at 6-5, 300 pounds, sets up great in pass protection and shows that relentless, scrappy attitude that makes him very tough to beat," National Analyst Allen Wallace informed. "He blocks exceptionally well in space because of his excellent feet and balance. He also pulls strongly and executes the screen block well.

Brewster the next Bruce Mathews? (Getty Images)
Pro Comparison: Bruce Matthews, Houston/Tennessee Oilers.

Similar size and strength. Seeing as how Matthews played more games than any position player in NFL history, this might seem a far-fetched comparison. But, Brewster has the ability to play any position on the line, like Matthews, and has a chance to be an impact player at Ohio State and beyond.

Brewster on His Future:

"I want to win at least two national championships before I leave Ohio State," Brewster stated. "I want to play a BCS bowl game every year, and I never want to lose to Michigan during my career at Ohio State. I hate to talk about individual goals, but I'd like to be an All-American before I graduate. I'd like to win the awards for the top offensive lineman in the country."

But, Mike Brewster is not just concerned about his own future at Ohio State. Like any good teammate, he wants the best for his teammates. It's the main reason this class has been dubbed "The Brew Crew."

The next quote sums up Mike Brewster as a person. "Another goal is to see every member of my recruiting class be extremely successful at Ohio State."

Mike Brewster Highlight Package:

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