Chat Transcript - Jerry Rudzinski

Here is a chat transcript from today's Bucknuts Fan Club chat.

Kirk (Oct 29, 2002 5:03:39 PM)
Hi Jerry

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:03:42 PM)
what's going on.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:04:03 PM)
Kirk...have you recovered from the game

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:04:24 PM)
and I am not talking about the tailgating

Kirk (Oct 29, 2002 5:04:40 PM)
It was fun... definitely left with a smile on my face. It wasn't quite as stressful as UC though; it took me several days to get over that one. I'm ready for Minnesota now.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:04:48 PM)
Minnesota has not really played anyone. I know what they did two years ago, but should we be real worried?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:05:55 PM)
yes. if we show up, we are fine, but all it takes is us screwing around for a quarter and half and they become confident. Then a fluky fumble or interception and it's a ballgame. Don't stress about it, but November football is November football.

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:05:30 PM)
That was an awesome defensive clinic OSU put on. When PSU got the ball back you just knew they weren't going to do anything. I haven't felt that way since 98

kuo2buckeye (Oct 29, 2002 5:06:05 PM)
Jerry, how much will the coaches play up to the players the whole "ohio" thing with mason and a few players coming back to the old stomping grounds?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:06:50 PM)
Not much. They will watch the 2000 game film over and over though. The coaches will try and scare the players, but won't get personal with bringing up Mason

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:06:54 PM)
Did Gamble at corner allow the defense to do things up front they previously hadn't done?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:08:29 PM)
not as much as you'd think. Keep in mind, having corners really only frees up the safeties. You can blitz your linebackers all day with or without corners since the safeties are back there. We didn't bring the safeties the way we are capable, but look for Doss and Nickey to start coming more and more. They realize Gamble is locking things down and doesn't need the help over the top

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:09:20 PM)
Allen did a nice job coming, but I would love to see Doss coming more. He is like Winfield...unblockable in space

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:09:05 PM)
Do you think Gamble will be able to go over 90 plays for the rest of the season?

kuo2buckeye (Oct 29, 2002 5:09:24 PM)
do you see gamble's pt at wr going down to keep him from being winded at the end of a game?

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:09:24 PM)
I think they need to rest him a little on offense, IMO

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:11:00 PM)
I am worried about Gamble playing every down on defense. Yes, throw in there for the majority, but he is unreal as a returner and wr. He actually touches the ball there instead of just taking out an opposing player. You get Peter Warrick the ball. You get Rocket Ismail the ball. You get Gamble the ball.

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:11:48 PM)
wow thats some high praise

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:10:55 PM)
Does Minnesota have much of a passing game?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:12:06 PM)
Minnesota will have a great play action pass game. Their running game will set it up. Don't so much worry about the pocket passing. Worry about the boots and nakeds and other play actions.

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:12:37 PM)
Minnesota's tight end scares me

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:13:31 PM)
For lack of a better way of explaining the Gamble thing...offensively...he is about 8 1/2 months pregnant. He will break the game open in the near, near future while playing offense. It is right around the corner

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:12:45 PM)
I hope EJ gets some time this weekend. Do you like him down the road at corner?

kuo2buckeye (Oct 29, 2002 5:12:53 PM)
how does gamble effect underwood's confidence and growth? Will we see him much more?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:14:47 PM)
Underwood will still get attention from the coaches, but Gamble will play the majority if the team has a passing threat. I don't want to scare off Witner up at Glenville. That is the recruit we need. If we could have Underwood, Whitner, Salley...things would be looking real good down the road.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:15:14 PM)
I'm with ya on Whitner...He is a must get!

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:15:56 PM)
Jerry, Kudos to you, you've given praise to Gamble all along, I think now the nation is seeing what kind of talent this kid really is!

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:13:33 PM)
Jerry, Do you think play action, bootlegs, misdirection plays could hurt our defense. It seems we sometimes overplay the run and could get beat on some misdirection plays.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:15:59 PM)
I definitely think that could hurt us. If a team can run and sells the run (with the faking and offensive lines shoulders) you can have serious breakdowns on the underneath routes. All a tight end or a fullback to the flat needs is a step to pick up about 15.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:17:06 PM)
Illinois was a perfect example of the play action killing us in 99. Kitner and more importantly the offensive line, completely made us look foolish at the Shoe.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:18:05 PM)
Will the loss to Minnesota a couple of years ago help prevent a possible letdown or are these guys focused regardless?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:19:53 PM)
It is impossible to constantly guard against the letdown with all 100 players. Let's just hope we don't have a letdown like UC. You need to build off big victories...not pat yourself on the back. The seniors will definitely remember the 2000 game, but it is not like we have beaten up Minnesota since then.

kuo2buckeye (Oct 29, 2002 5:18:07 PM)
if we see a lot of play action, do you see hawk and carpenter spelling a healthy grant and reynolds?

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:18:08 PM)
Jerry who do you like better Drew Carter or Vance?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:21:17 PM)
I like Vance. The injury to Carter set him back. Keep in mind, he has a full year's less experience from the injury. There is no substitute for experience. Vance has some very sticky hands as well. I would take Carter in the 100 meter, but I like Vance a bit more on my team.

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:18:44 PM)
Jerry of the remaining games which game scares you the most? For some reason Purdue worries me a little bit.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:19:08 PM)
Illinois worries me the most for some reason...They have been playing a little better of late

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:19:38 PM)
Michigan scares me the most

Kirk (Oct 29, 2002 5:20:01 PM)
Michigan worries me the most but as far as the one OSU could slip up in, I'd agree with Illinois

kuo2buckeye (Oct 29, 2002 5:20:13 PM)
forget it, michigan can be 0-10 and scare me more than anything

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:20:43 PM)
I think Tressel is the difference against um.

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:21:20 PM)
It does seem no matter how poorly Meatchicken is playing coming in to "The Game" they seem to always play their best against us.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:21:48 PM)
I am worried about Purdue on the road. Have you ever seen Tiller's home record. I don't have it in front of me, but it is off the charts.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:22:16 PM)
I agree with the Michigan comment. I would almost rather play the Wolves at 11-0 then 7-4.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:22:06 PM)
Why didn't we take any shots downfield Saturday? Were they that worried about protecting Krenzel?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:24:33 PM)
Exactly, they were worried about protecting Krenzel. Still, you always go down field once a quarter in my mind.

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:22:14 PM)
Is Carter the fastest wide receiver on the team?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:23:44 PM)
I'd say Carter is the fastest at the 100. I'd give the forty to Gamble (although I don't have an official time on him).

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:22:33 PM)
Jerry on the post game show on ABC Demetrius Stanley said the reason why OSU would lose some big games under Cooper is because John had no emotional attachment to the players and that coaching assistants can only take you so far. Do you agree with that?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:25:40 PM)
Cooper was emotionally attached. There was all the emotion one could stand in the locker room before all the big games I ever played in.

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:24:23 PM)
One of the most impressive things this year with the coaching staff has been the halftime adjustments. I'm not sure what the statistics are as far as how many points OSU has outscored their opponents in the second half, but it has to be tremendous.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:27:39 PM)
The second halves have been great. I put that on the seniors and leaders more than anything. Coaches can usually fix thing right on the sideline after talking with the guys in the box on the phone. Tressel just has these guys believing in something so big. He has made them realize that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The seniors and leaders are buying into it and playing with more energy and concentration in the second half.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:24:57 PM)
Did they take any shots downfield? I thought Penn St. had a weak secondary

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:28:41 PM)
I don't care if a secondary is good or not, you have to go downfield to Carter, Vance, Jenkins, Gamble, etc.

MrBucknuts (Oct 29, 2002 5:25:07 PM)
Halftime adjustments? You have to think defense. What is it that they key on, Jerry?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:31:10 PM)
For the halftime adjustments, they usually just review blocking schemes. Who is picking up who. More often than not, they can either call off a line stunt they've been running or add a line stunt in that would work. It is very, very unusual for a defense line in this day and age to play things straight up. They almost always move those guys on a stunt. Get those big boys moving at the snap.

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:25:08 PM)
Gamble to me seems like he has the complete speed package, he can go side to side as fast as he can go forward

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:25:55 PM)
it seemed like it was a crazy comment

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:28:20 PM)
Being a former LB, why do you think Hawk has outperformed the rest of the LB who do you think has the most potential

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:33:14 PM)
The potential would go to D'Andrea. Hawk has shined because he has the best footwork at this point. He is a knee-bender. He keeps himself in a natural football position at all times. That allows him to react better in space and lateral movements. His intangibles are awesome. His motor is awesome, but the other guys don't lack that stuff. Be patient with all of them. They are all sweet linebackers.

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:29:10 PM)
Dantonio said in his post game interview that the only adjustment he made was that he challenged the character of his players and asked them play so that on Sunday they can look themselves in the mirror and know they gave it their all

kuo2buckeye (Oct 29, 2002 5:30:27 PM)
With Clarrett being hurt the past two weeks, how much do you play him against the gophers?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:35:21 PM)
I would limit Clarett's activity. I am no doctor, but sit this guy until his shoulder was 150%. It would be different if he were a senior. Get his body together. But that being said, I have talked extensively with our medical staff over the years, they agree with that. If he will not do more damage, they will play him. If he is at risk, he sits. It is a black or white issue.

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:30:54 PM)
What is it about Gamble's coverage ability that he could come over from the offensive side of the ball and completely shut down an opposing receiver whereas some of the other regular defensive backs seem to have trouble with their coverage skills? Is it just athletic ability or is just a matter of mechanics? After watching the film, Gamble would play right up on the line of scrimmage whereas other DB's give 10 to 12 yard cushion.

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:32:08 PM)
How do you feel Rob Sims played?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:36:48 PM)
Sims is playing great. His technique is holding up great. It is like he doesn't even need to think about it on the field. What I liked though is toe-to-toeing with those PSU dlinemen

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:32:09 PM)
I say dress him but sit Clarett on Saturday unless the game is close. It will be more important to have #13 healthy for the road games and the um game, IMO.

hondo23 (Oct 29, 2002 5:32:58 PM)
Does Minnesota make you nervous, and how do we match up?

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:34:42 PM)
I thought Donnie Nickey had a real nice game against PSU

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:37:52 PM)
Donnie Nickey was the glue on Saturday. He made all the calls on the field. His stats weren't all that, but he was unbelievable in executing the gameplan.

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:36:20 PM)
agreed murph, the presence of gamble seemed to raise the level of several other players

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:37:10 PM)
Do we need to recruit smaller more athletic lineman?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:39:47 PM)
Depends on our recruiting pool with the offensive linemen. If a linemen is special and can move at 300, fine. But if we are going to second tier type recruits on the O-line, I would go with the smaller guys. I would rather have an average young lighter linemen than an average young 315 pounder

kuo2buckeye (Oct 29, 2002 5:38:20 PM)
Nutty, look at the way stafford pulls compared to the 300+ linemen...I think it is a must.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:38:49 PM)
I thought so too kuo, but most of the guys we are after are huge!

kuo2buckeye (Oct 29, 2002 5:37:31 PM)
do you keep sims in the starting 5?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:38:23 PM)
With a healthy Olivea, I do not start Simms. I play him, but don't start him

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:38:37 PM)
Is that the best defensive line we will face this year until a bowl game (Hopefully Fiesta)

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:41:10 PM)
That d-line was special. They will be the best. Kirk could probably tell you more about Miami's, but PSU is the best in the Big Ten without a doubt (but I still like ours when you factor in depth).

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:38:58 PM)
Kennedy was a man among boys

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:40:17 PM)
Will we see Krenzel throw the ball downfield some Saturday??

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:42:12 PM)
Krenzel will throw it downfield. Minnesota will try and take the run away and we will keep them honest. Penn State was shutting us down for the most part with their front 7, they didn't need to creep the safeties up the whole game

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:42:04 PM)
Did anyone hear Herbstreit on 1460 after the game? He called in and said of Michigan's Offensive line play the most putrid display he has ever seen. I thought it was funny

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:42:39 PM)
Herbie hit the nail on the head.

kuo2buckeye (Oct 29, 2002 5:42:13 PM)
with the idea of smaller linemen, do we see a couple of te or d-line prospects from last year make a move to OL? And with sims, and maybe others after spring ball, do you see any of the five 300+ juniors not starting as a senior?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:45:18 PM)
I feel good about the core of our o-line. We don't need to move too many guys around. I really like this young crop of o-linemen. Keep recruiting them though. We don't want any dry spells.

hondo23 (Oct 29, 2002 5:42:49 PM)
Our passing game just went nowhere in the second half, were our receivers not getting open? I thought PSU's corners were not supposed to be very good.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:44:13 PM)
Penn State put pressure on us rather than us putting pressure on them. The coaches had to be concerned from a protection standpoint. The receivers can get open, but only if they have time.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:44:45 PM)
You can't complain about a win, but was the offense too conservative?

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:44:56 PM)
I thought they were...


BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:45:43 PM)
it's been dry enough lately

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:45:44 PM)
Is Lydell having problems with the ankle? It appears that when he gets hit, the pile stops him, whereas when either the Maurice "The Beast" or Maurice Hall run it, they move the Pile.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:46:21 PM)
Lydell is healthy. Just different running styles.

hondo23 (Oct 29, 2002 5:45:55 PM)
I think they were conservative due to the outstanding play of the defense.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:47:44 PM)
The defense made us look real conservative. The problem is that an athletic AND physical defense just won't let anything develop on offense. When you are going nowhere, reverses and flea-flickers will be embarrassing

hondo23 (Oct 29, 2002 5:46:58 PM)
Maurice Hall is a great back, if he doesn't fumble.

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:47:06 PM)
big IF

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:48:38 PM)
Maurice is just light. He has burners, but is just light. He has a role, but carrying it 30 times up the middle against that d isn't his role.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:48:50 PM)
By the way, I mean MoHall

Buckeye98 (Oct 29, 2002 5:47:16 PM)
How much will losing Peterson & Thompson hurt us next year?

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:47:20 PM)
Do we need to recruit another big back? Ross and Hall looked too small out there

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:47:25 PM)
I know it has been talked about, but that was the absolute best crowd I've witnessed at the Shoe.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:47:38 PM)
It sounded real nice on TV

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:48:26 PM)
Iowa didn't seem to have much trouble with them. But then again they weren't as injury-depleted

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:50:21 PM)
Good point with Iowa. When a team comes at you, you need to just step up and punch them in the mouth. If you stop the pressure a few times, they will stop coming at you with it. Iowa's offense is nice, but they were healthier and I don't know if they got the best shot of PSU like we did.

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:48:38 PM)
I think Wilhelm gets overlooked alot. I really think we will miss him next year. I know we have some you studs waiting in the wings, but Wilhelm is a player

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:49:50 PM)
I just want to see some big gains downfield. As good as Gamble, Jenkins and Vance are, they seem like an untapped resource.

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:50:00 PM)
I liked that we used a couple of screen plays, I wish we would see more of them. I also liked how they were utilizing the TE in the first series, but they seemed to go away from that for some reason.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:51:11 PM)
Balance. We all want to see the downfield plays. We all want to see the screens and tight ends. Do all of it. Don't neglect anything. They all set each other up.

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:50:55 PM)
in the 4th qtr they did

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:51:24 PM)

hondo23 (Oct 29, 2002 5:51:40 PM)
Krenzel threw one pass to a TE in the second half and it almost was picked, that was the last pass I remember seeing to a TE.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:52:20 PM)
I still say teams have more of a chip on their shoulder when playing OSU rather than Iowa. The entire week of preparation is different from an attitude standpoint.

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:52:57 PM)
absolutely, we've gotten more 'best shots" than anyone in div IA

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:51:49 PM)
Jerry, Have you ever thought about getting into the coaching ranks?

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:52:06 PM)
How often do you wish you could go back out on the field, or do you?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:53:43 PM)
I miss it. It was great. But it was time to open the next chapter. Four years would have gone too quick, but five years was just about right.

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:52:53 PM)
sorry I'm late - I was out buying Michigan stuff

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:52:58 PM)
J/K =)

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:53:09 PM)
traitor! lol

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:53:13 PM)

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:53:15 PM)

hubbard (Oct 29, 2002 5:53:45 PM)
So the traitor is You!!

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:06 PM)
So is the next chapter coaching???????

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:07 PM)
nope - I'm not the traitor.

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:12 PM)
me either

hondo23 (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:12 PM)
How do we match up with Minnesota? Do they make you nervous?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:56:29 PM)
Minnesota scares me because those players think they can win. They don't necessarily feel that way against Michigan, MSU, or whoever is looking good, but Mason has them thinking they can beat OSU. Some teams match up well against certain teams. I remember Coach Bill Young telling me my first year there that we will beat Iowa.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:57:04 PM)
Don't worry about Iowa he would say. We just play well against Iowa. He was right. No matter what Iowa had, we just had there number. Minnesota kind of feels that with us

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:20 PM)
I am starting to get nervous about Smith and Jenkins. The NFL would love to add them to a teams roster.

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:27 PM)
What about Gamble

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:39 PM)
Gamble will be around one more.

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:44 PM)
only one?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:59 PM)
If I have any will be two.

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:55:08 PM)
dig up some dirt on him ;)

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:55:12 PM)
blackmail him to stay

buckeyemurph (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:53 PM)
Saw an intersting post on one of the message boards the other day by a person who has been to both an Oklahoma game and this past weeks Ohio State game and he said that Ohio State has the better defense at this point.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:54:56 PM)
say it aint so...You think Jenkins and Smith might leave?

hubbard (Oct 29, 2002 5:55:32 PM)
speaking of Gamble I know you called it before the season that he was gonna have a break out year, but did you think it was gonna be on defense?

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:55:44 PM)
Jenkins is a tremendous talent, but I think OSU is pretty deep at receiver - they'd reload

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:55:57 PM)
They are both good players but I cant see either one going in the first round

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:56:03 PM)
right now!

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:56:34 PM)
I'm still the highest on Tim Anderson - I think having him on the interior line is just a tremendous asset

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:57:35 PM)
Anderson is tough. That is a war inside like that. No glory in it, but he is in a fist fight every play

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:57:29 PM)
We won up there last year right?

Buckeye98 (Oct 29, 2002 5:57:53 PM)

Buckeye98 (Oct 29, 2002 5:58:05 PM)

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 5:58:21 PM)
We won, but we should have beat them by 30. They made us show up. Don't get me wrong, we are OSU and they are Minnesota, but they lick their chops at a chance to play us.

BigBucks (Oct 29, 2002 5:58:16 PM)
The comeback from 33-0 was sweet. No comeback should be necessary this year though

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:58:19 PM)
I think he is just tremendous. He never gets a lot of press and he's always there blowing the offensive line back.

OTC (Oct 29, 2002 5:58:33 PM)
Abdul-Kaliq is what really scares me. He seems like a player that no matter what you do he will find a way to get a first down.

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 5:58:39 PM)
think Mason will be running a lot of spread again?

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 5:58:40 PM)
I'm hoping the lesson of two years ago provides the necessary inspiration

hondo23 (Oct 29, 2002 5:58:48 PM)
I think it's important to punch Minnesota in the mouth and make them realize this is a different Ohio State team than the past few yrs.

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 6:00:14 PM)
Agreed. The absolute worst thing we could do is screw around and start sluggish/slow. Minnesota just needs a little window in the beginning of the game and all the sudden they will play lights out and it will be a 60 minute football game.

Buckeye98 (Oct 29, 2002 6:00:10 PM)
Jerry, how bad will the loss of Peterson & Thompson hurt the D-line next year?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 6:02:03 PM)
Those guys have been playing great. It will hurt, but we can recover if Tressel keeps recruiting the way he has. To coin a phrase...reload, not rebuild. I just hate to see them leave because of their attitude and leadership. It helps having a fifth year guy like Peterson around.

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 6:00:54 PM)
So Clarett is probable for the game (excuse me if this has already been asked) - how does he look so far?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 6:03:15 PM)
It sounds like Clarett will go (I didn't see practice today though). Personally, I would rather see him against Michigan at 100% rather than 85% for the last four games. Doc knows best though.

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 6:03:00 PM)
I liked the effort Peterson showed on that sack in the 4th quarter where he tripped up Mills. That was big!

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 6:03:27 PM)
me too Jerry

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 6:03:28 PM)
I agree

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 6:04:05 PM)
Jerry, are they talking about you getting into coaching?

BuckNutty (Oct 29, 2002 6:04:07 PM)
Does Ohio St. end up in Tempe?

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 6:04:10 PM)
girls softball?

hondo23 (Oct 29, 2002 6:04:14 PM)
What's your prediction Saturday Jerry?

rudzinski (Oct 29, 2002 6:04:32 PM)
Well fellas, I appreciate the chatter. Bucks by 10. Talk to you later

Buckeye98 (Oct 29, 2002 6:04:39 PM)

hubbard (Oct 29, 2002 6:04:43 PM)

Riptide614 (Oct 29, 2002 6:04:48 PM)
Have a good one Jerry

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