Texas star starting to set visits

Duane Long checks in with news from a couple of great defensive line prospects -- Tim Washington and Brandon Maupin. What's the latest news?

Tim Washington, the star DE from Sugar Land, TX, has unfortunately seen his senior season come to an early end.

"I broke my foot two weeks ago," he said. "I was chasing a quarterback and got in a pile-up. I will need surgery. That should happen in the next week or two. They say I will be back to doing everything by February."

This injury has not had an impact on his recruitment though. 

"Coach Conley knows about it," Tim said. "He says no problem. So do all the others."

Speaking of the other schools, Tim is starting to get things set up visit-wise.

"I am set up with Oklahoma (11/23) and Ohio State for December 13th," he said. "I am also looking at Miami and Florida."

Tim has gotten to see OSU play, but because of his schedule, he doesn't get to watch much college football.

"I have seen Ohio State play several times. I like the style of the defense," he said.  "I have had a hard time even seeing the schools I want to visit on television let alone get to games. We play on Saturdays a lot, and when we don't, we have practice."

I asked him about the fact that he has had the same schools on his list for a long time.

"Once I make up my mind, it is made up," he said.

In other news, Coach Cox at Lakota East just told me that Brandon Maupin has set his official visit to Ohio State for December 6-8. Coach emphasized with Brandon that by making a school his first official visit that he would be making a point to everyone, so he wanted him to think about it. No word yet on any other dates.

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