Mewhort Talks Junior Day Experience

Toledo St. John's junior center Jack Mewhort committed to Ohio State in December, and he was one of several juniors that visited the Buckeyes on Ohio State's first junior day. Mewhort attended the Ohio State-Indiana game and spent time with members of the junior class. Bill Greene has the latest on the star lineman.

Buckeye commit Jack Mewhort attended the first Ohio State junior day. The Toledo St. John's strongman had a great time with some of his fellow recruits, and talking with the Buckeye coaches.

"I got there and took a tour of the Woody Hayes Center," Mewhort said. "Coach [Jim] Bollman took Nate Klatt [Northwest junior lineman]and myself through the facility and on a tour of the player's lounge. It was really cool to see all Ohio State has in terms of facilities. Then we got shuttled over to the game and had a great time there, even though Ohio State lost."

Mewhort, 6-foot-6 and 285-pounds, also spent time in a meeting with Bollman, his future position coach at Ohio State.

"I spent time in Coach Bollman's office, after the game, talking about how I will be used at Ohio State," he said. "We were in there about half an hour, and he told me what he has planned for me. He just talked about the depth chart in the next few years, and how he was going to be losing some guys to graduation. There will have to be guys that can step up and play and he was letting me know what is expected. They haven't nailed a position down yet for me. He wants to see me when I get here. He said I could play anywhere on the offensive line, but he did say he likes the fact that I can play center."

Mewhort also spoke about spending time with a few of the recruits brought in by Ohio State.

"At the game I sat by Jordan Whiting and Storm Klein," Mewhort explained. "I talked with them a little bit about our recruiting class and how well it was going. I also saw John Simon and Adam Homan. Those guys are great guys too. It seems like we are all getting to know each other really well. I also hung out with Mike Brewster a little bit too. Right now it's too early to try to build our class like Brewster did. We are starting to come together really well, but right now, that's not a big worry. We're just glad too see how exciting it is to be Buckeyes."

Mewhort is one of the top rated offensive linemen in Ohio and is poised to have a great senior season. He benches 365 pounds and can squat 415 pounds. He is also a tremendous student, sporting nearly a 3.5 GPA.

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