All's Quiet On The Pryor Front

At a press conference in his high school's gymnasium on National Signing Day, Terrelle Pryor announced that he would not finish the football recruiting process until his basketball season was completed. True to his word, Pryor has done little on the recruiting trail in the ensuing days as the Jayhawks pursue a state championship.

With one state championship in the bag and another on the horizon, Terrelle Pryor has found precious little time to focus on the recruiting process.

The Jeannette, Pa., quarterback has put his recruitment on hold since a nationally televised press conference on National Signing Day during which he announced that he had not selected a final school. Delaying his final decision would allow him to take at least two more official visits, one to Penn State and the other to Oregon.

Neither of those visits have been planned yet, however, and according to Jeannette head coach Ray Reitz, those plans should not scare fans of one school in particular.

"The whole premise of that thing was he was going to go visit Penn State and Oregon and then when he does that he'll make his decision," Reitz told "I don't think it's even going to change when he visits the schools. I think this kid's known for four months where he's going. I do. He's 18 and you know how that is.

"I don't think anything's going to change. I don't know why he didn't announce that day."

At his signing day press conference, the 6-6, 225-pound Pryor admitted to having a final school in his mind the night before but said a disagreement with his father helped stay his decision. He announced plans to visit both PSU and Oregon at to-be-determined times after having originally cut the Ducks from his list the previous weekend because he would not have time to visit the school.

Pryor has officially visited OSU (Nov. 2) and Michigan (Jan. 18). A two-sport athlete, his team's run to a state championship in football forced the school to reschedule its basketball games until later in the season. As a result, Pryor was unable to fit any more official visits into his hectic schedule.

Jeannette has one more game before reaching the state championship game, which is scheduled for Feb. 23.

"If Jeannette would happen to screw up in the basketball playoffs, then he may visit earlier than expected," Reitz said. "Things are basically the same as they were (on signing day). They are in the middle of the playoffs, so I don't want to bother him."

The stress might be starting to wear on Pryor, however. During a 64-54 victory against South Fayette on Feb. 16, he posted an impressive stat line – 24 points, 24 rebounds, eight blocked shots, seven assists and two dunks – but was caught up in a verbal confrontation with the opposing student section.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, two students were escorted out of the gymnasium by police officers during the game. Afterward, he apparently had to be restrained from a confrontation with the students.

Despite that, he reportedly signed at least a dozen autographs for young kids outside the team's locker room after the game.

"To be honest, he seems more relaxed than he did a couple weeks ago," Jeannette basketball coach Jim Nesser said. "He seems more at ease. I talked to one of the football head coaches who's recruiting him and he told me, ‘Terrelle's focus is on winning a WPIAL basketball championship.' "

Coaches have not been allowed to visit Pryor since signing day, but they are allowed to call him once per week. Pryor, on the other hand, is allowed to contact coaches as much – or as little – as he wants.

It appears OSU might have an edge there.

"He seems to talk to (OSU head coach Jim) Tressel a lot, though, from what I understand," Reitz said. "He'll call him."

It appears, then, that Pryor will not get around to taking official visits until after his basketball season is complete. Until that point, he still has OSU, Michigan, PSU and Oregon as his final four schools.

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