Preparing For The Next Level

Not slated to go in the first few rounds of the NFL Draft, former Ohio State linebacker Larry Grant was in Indianapolis this weekend to show his abilities at the NFL Scouting Combine. Although specifics escaped him, the former Buckeye spoke exclusively to about how he felt he did and what the next few weeks will be like for him.

Larry Grant is hoping that a whirlwind week in Indianapolis will result in a big payoff come draft day.

But as for where that payoff might send him, Grant doesn't have the slightest idea.

"I'll know in April who had a good feeling about me," he told after finishing his workouts Feb. 25. "Honestly, I got a good vibe from every team. I believe I put up a good interview and I was getting feedback from them. Everybody told me I did a good job, so I feel good about a lot of teams."

Asked to estimate how many teams he had met with while in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine, Grant said he had lost track of who he had spoken to. As a result, he left town with no clearer idea on where he might end up than he had when he arrived.

Listed on the NFL's Web site at 6-1, 232 pounds – two inches and six pounds heavier then his listed size in the OSU bowl media guide – Grant's name has recently surfaced as a candidate to undergo a position shift in the pros.

After playing all three linebacker spots while in college, Grant could project to a strong safety in the NFL.

"I actually talked to a coach from the Seahawks and he talked to me about moving back to DB if I wanted to," he said. "He asked me if I can and I told him it wouldn't be a problem at all. That would be a great thing for me too, to show off my athletic ability."

Given a choice, Grant said he would prefer to play linebacker but he is open to moving around. He finished the 2007 season fifth on the team with 51 tackles – 9.5 for loss – five sacks and one interception.

While being interviewed by teams, Grant said most of the conversation related to off-the-field issues. That helped him to feel more confident in what NFL teams might think of him.

"A lot of the conversation is about my family and my background off the field," he said. "My background usually goes pretty fast because I have no bad history, so they just want to see what kind of personality I have, see my character and make sure I'm not crazy and make sure I at least sound like a good guy."

As for the workouts, Grant finished third in the three-cone drill with a time of 6.77 seconds, fourth in the 20-yard shuttle run with a time of 4.22 seconds and sixth in the 60-yard shuttle run with a time of 11.73 seconds.

Aside from those, Grant said he did not know the specifics of how he performed in the other drills.

"The combine's been a wonderful experience," he said. "I really don't know my times or all that. I don't know how good I did. I'm waiting to hear some feedback. It was a great experience."

While in Indianapolis, Grant said he saw former OSU teammates Kirk Barton and Vernon Gholston but did not get to speak with them following their workouts. He did get to spend time with Alvin Bowen, a linebacker out of Iowa State, and Steve Allen, a linebacker from West Texas A&M.

Allen and Grant played against each other in junior college while Grant was playing for City College of San Francisco and Allen for Fresno City Junior College.

"He didn't get that big chance to go Division I but he had a nice career at West Texas A&M," Grant said. "Playing against him in junior college, I knew he was a great athlete and he could play. I was just happy to see him and know he was getting this opportunity also."

Between the combine and draft day, Grant said he plans to continue working out in Columbus. He will take part in OSU's pro day, which is scheduled for March 7.

When the actual draft weekend arrives, though, Grant will in California with his family.

"I'll be in Sacramento, California, at my grandma's house," he said. "It is just a comfortable place for me. I know I'll be able to sit down and have peace of mind. I'll have my girlfriend out there with me and my son out there with me. I'll have my whole immediate family. I'll be comfortable, eating some nice food that my grandma's going to cook."

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