Less Than One Month To Go

After making an unofficial visit to Ohio State on Feb. 24, the nation's top prospect in Terrelle Pryor was scheduled to take a long-awaited official visit to Penn State the following Sunday. Now, after the weekend, find out what Pryor did during the weekend and what might be on the horizon for the quarterback.

A scheduled official visit to Penn State for Terrelle Pryor did not materialize, but that could hardly be construed as good news regardless of which school one hopes lands Pryor.

Following his team's 83-41 thrashing of Kane in the first round of the state basketball playoffs on March 1, Pryor was scheduled to take his long-awaited official visit to check out the Nittany Lions. But for any of a number of reasons, Pryor instead opted to not take the visit.

"He just said he wasn't going to Penn State this weekend and he left it at that," Jeannette quarterbacks coach Roy Hall told BuckeyeSports.com. "He didn't say any reason why."

Chief among the reasons why Pryor might not have taken the trip was the fact that his father, Craig, was in the hospital after suffering a slight heart attack. The elder Pryor had a stent put in and is recovering, but Jeannette head coach Ray Reitz said that could have had something to do with the cancellation of the trip.

That was the only major development for Pryor during the week following his unofficial visit to Columbus on Feb. 24. The nation's top prep football prospect remains an integral part of his prep basketball team's run to a state championship. Already district champions, the Jayhawks have four games left should they capture the state title.

In the team's victory against Kane, Pryor had 20 points, nine rebounds, seven assists, five steals and three blocked shots. Sixteen of his points came in the first half as the Jayhawks opened up a 51-16 halftime lead.

Pryor's performance came just one day after his father's hospitalization.

"I haven't seen him that much because of basketball, but he had a pretty good game the other day so I guess he's handling it pretty well," Reitz said.

Hall went one step further, saying that Pryor has displayed a maturity far beyond his years as he has balanced school, football recruiting, the state basketball playoffs and now his father's hospitalization all at the same time.

In addition, Pryor missed a handful of practices during the previous week as he battled the flu.

"He's 18 years old and I think he's handling it better than any 25-, 35-, 45- or 55-year-old man would handle it," Hall said. "You can see it by his end results in what he's doing. He's doing very well."

That does not necessarily mean he is any closer to announcing a final college choice, though. For now, his focus is on helping his team win a state championship on the hardwood.

Pryor and teammate Jordan Hall, a junior, both took in OSU's loss to Wisconsin on the hardwood. Hall was there as part of the school's junior day while Pryor just decided to tag along. At the game, he sat with a handful of members of OSU's class of 2008 and was serenaded by fans chanting his name throughout the game.

During the game, Roy Hall indicated that OSU might be the leader for Pryor's services. One night before National Signing Day, Pryor was set to commit to OSU but was convinced by his father to hold off and take an official visit to PSU.

But nearly a full month later, Reitz said he feels Pryor already has his mind made up.

"To me, I think the guy knows where he wants to go," Reitz said. "Make the decision and end the circus, that's all I'm saying. He's a kid. We hope he does best no matter where he goes."

Both Pryor and Hall – whom the Buckeyes have not yet offered – enjoyed their time in Columbus, Hall said.

"It's like he's at home there," Hall said. "He liked it, he really enjoyed it, but it was about Jordan going there because it was junior day. Jordan really enjoyed it himself, too. He really liked it too. He seemed relaxed. They both said it's a nice ride.

"It's a straight shot coming down I-70. It's a little less than three hours that we made it in and they know it's a football town. They really back their Buckeyes."

As always, it appears Pryor will not settle on a school until the state basketball playoffs are completed during the March 14-15 weekend. The finals are held at PSU's Bryce Jordan Center.

The deadline to sign a national letter-of-intent is April 1.

When asked if he felt Pryor would be able to make a final decision by then, Hall laughed and said, "I do. He may have one (in mind now) now. I definitely do."

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