Boardman Lineman Receives Buckeye Offer

Boardman [Ohio] guard Corey Linsley was offered a scholarship by Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes Friday afternoon. Linsley, one of the top linemen in Ohio, is adding offers daily and is blowing up from a recruiting standpoint. Bill Greene has more.

Boardman {Ohio] guard Corey Linsley is starting to attract heavy recruiting attention. Linsley currently hold eight offers, including Illinois, Michigan State and Pitt. However, a new offer came in yesterday that floored this youngster.

"I was stunned that Ohio State offered me yesterday," Linsley explained. "I didn't think they would offer me at all. My film is getting great reviews, but I kind of thought they would want to see me and get to know me better. Coach [Jim] Tressel said they did their homework and they are prepared to offer me right now. Obviously, I'm totally thrilled with the Ohio State offer. I've rooted for Ohio State all my life."

Linsley, who is a 3.5 student with a 25 ACT, was obviously happy to have a Buckeye offer.

"It's a great school," Linsley stated. "I know about all the great linemen that have played for Ohio State. Now I get the opportunity to put my name in the same sentence with those players. I've been contacted by Ohio State recruits John Simon and Jack Mewhort already. They are great guys. It would be an honor to be in the same class with them."

Even though Linsley is happy with his offer list, there are a few other teams he would like to hear from.

"All my offers are important to me and I might wait it out a little bit," he said. "I will consider everyone. The only campus visit I've taken is to Pitt. I might want to wait a while and see a few different schools. Penn State is a school I'd like to hear from, and maybe Notre Dame. I would be honored to receive offers from either of those schools."

Linsley is ready to list Ohio State as his leader and the Buckeyes will be tough to beat for his services.

"I've been down to Ohio State for the YSU game," he stated. "I'm actually in Columbus right now for a track meet. I'll be staying over and going to the basketball game tomorrow. My high school football coach left me a message to call him yesterday that was a pretty urgent message. We were on the bus riding to Columbus when I was told to call Jim Tressel. My coach was going crazy. When I called Coach Tressel, he offered me verbally and said a written offer was coming in the mail. I think the world of Jim Tressel. He's a great coach and a great person. I probably sent more text messages yesterday than I have all week."

Linsley has already thought of what it might be like to play for Jim Tressel at Ohio State.

"Coach Tressel is one of those people where there are no negatives about him," Linsley exclaimed. "He's a proven winner and he does it the right way. I've been to practice and he doesn't do a lot of swearing and cussing. He is a teacher on the football field. His character is unmatched in college football. I will commit to the school that I feel the most comfortable with. Right now, Ohio State is in the lead and someone would have to impress me more than Ohio State for me to commit to anyone but Ohio State."

Corey Linsley will be letting know how his visit to Ohio State turns out with another interview tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for more on this star offensive lineman.

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