Turner Goes One-on-One with Jim Tressel

Massillon [Ohio] star athlete Justin Turner once again visited Ohio State for another junior day, this time with a Buckeye offer. Turner visited Ohio State a few weeks ago and the return trip has increased his relationship with the Buckeye staff, and Jim Tressel in particular. Bill Greene has more on Turner's visit.

Massillon [Ohio] star J.T. Turner has returned from second Ohio State visit in the past few weeks. Turner, a 6-foot-3 and 185-pound defensive back prospect, not only enjoyed his visit, but he enjoyed being able to spend some quality time with Buckeye head coach Jim Tressel.

"When I first got there the coaches were able to meet my mom and the people who went with us," Turner explained. "I met with [assistant coaches] Taver Johnson and Paul Haynes. We walked around the facility and spoke with the coaches. Then they took me into the defensive back meeting room and we went over how they run their practices. Coach Haynes showed me how they practice for a week leading up to a game, and of course they showed me the Michigan schedule. We spent time at the indoor facility and then went to the basketball game. Coach [Jim] Tressel told us to stop back and see him if we had time."

Turner spent the first half of the basketball game at the Schottenstein Center, but left at intermission to go back and see Jim Tressel.

"We left at halftime and went back to the Woody Hayes Facility," Turner explained. "My mom and I went back to see Coach Tressel. It was just the three of us and we spent the entire second half with him. We talked about life and what it means to be an Ohio State football player. We also talked about how he wants his players to keep improving and getting better all the time. He has high expectations for this years team. He talked about how I fit in at Ohio State. He said they will be having a lot of players heading to the NFL in the next two years. He said there will be an opportunity for me to play early if I come to Ohio State. It was great to be with him like that, just one on one. He said after watching me on film he could see me playing cornerback for him at Ohio State. After the game ended, he signed some autographs for us and we headed over to Eddie George's restaurant."

Turner, who has alternated between naming Ohio State and Michigan as his leader, refused to name a leader at this time, but indicated the visit made him feel better about his relationship with Jim Tressel and Ohio State.

"I have a good feel for Jim Tressel right now," Turner admitted. "Our relationship is a lot tighter after spending the whole second half with him. I know how badly they want me at Ohio State. He said they've been waiting to offer me, but he wanted to see me raise my GPA and get my ACT score. Once I got the test score, the offers started coming. Today's visit was a good one, but I still think I'm going to wait a while to make my decision. Jim Tressel told me to take my time and make the right decision for me. He said the offer will always be there and if I want it, he will have it for me."

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