O-Line Prospect Talks of Interest from Bolts

The San Diego Chargers are leaving clues all over the country that their O-line won't get first-round attention. The Chargers are heavily shopping guards and tackles with lower draft stocks in just about every state. The Chargers go back to their old stomping grounds to meet with one prospect, who tells it all in this exclusive SDBoltReport.com interview.

The Chargers like what they see in Ohio State's Kirk Barton and it's easy to understand why. Barton is the kind of lineman Smith loves to draft: high on intensity, low on the pay scale. With a 6'4", 310-frame and a Midwest background, Barton could become one of San Diego's golden boys.

Jeromey Clary taped up the line last season, but his position on the depth chart could easily change. Barton would bring just the right touch of attitude that gets the job done. He has a reputation for stirring up the competition with a little friendly trash talking.

Barton would fit in with a team that tends to flap its gums, but for now it's all about impressing the teams face-to-face.

"I had a formal interview with San Diego at the Combine," Barton said. "The meeting was 15 minutes and we basically discussed the type of player I am and what drives me. I felt it was a very positive meeting."

At the Combine, the Chargers had to rely on the face time to evaluate Barton. He was recovering from a knee injury he suffered at the Senior Bowl, so he only bench-pressed in Indianapolis. Barton's Pro Day performance proved to be worth the wait for Chargers scouts.

"San Diego has shown a good deal of interest thus far," Barton said.

As of now, Barton does not have a private workout scheduled with San Diego, but he is the told the workouts pick up in April and is eagerly awaiting the call. The Chargers shouldn't wait too long to pick up the phone. Barton is a persistent blocker with first-round leadership.

His four years of experience at tackle could serve him well in the west. With fellow Ohio State alum Shane Olivea out of the picture, Barton could break onto San Diego's roster.

Regardless of how many Buckeyes get picked up by Smith or any other general manager, Barton refuses to label it an NFL factory.

"That really doesn't do it justice because the experience is so great at Ohio State," Barton said. "But my thought to that is we bring in great players and obviously great players go to the NFL. That's the byproduct of what Ohio State is about."

Amberly Richardson is a member of the Pro Football Writers of America and a correspondent for Scout.com. She has contributed to the official Web sites of Shawne Merriman, Lorenzo Neal, Shaun Phillips and others for Sixthman Communications.

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