KY star talks about his OSU trip

Michael Bush, the outstanding athlete from Louisville, Kentucky, is a player who is on the top of the lists of many schools across the country.  Michael recently checked out the Ohio State/Penn State game and talked about his trip.

"I was at Ohio State on an unofficial visit," he said. "I really enjoyed myself. The crowd support was unbelievable."

"I got there at 11AM, so I got to sit in on meetings. I got to go to the skull session. That was really something. Marcus Green is from my school so he showed me around."

Michael is trying to get back up to OSU soon, but his team is often one of the best in the state of Kentucky, and he will have to schedule the trip around the playoff schedule.

"I want to come up to the Michigan game but it will depend on if we are still in the playoffs," he said.

Michael said OSU is the only school he's been to so far.

"I have not been to any other schools, but I may go to the Louisville-Cinncinati game on Thursday night," he said.  "It is right down the street from me. Just a few minutes away."

He talked a little bit about official visits: "My first official visit will be to Ohio State."

One of the big questions with Michael is what position he will play, and when asked, he had an answer.

"I am still committed to playing quarterback," he said. "I passed for 62% completions and had 22 touchdown passes and over 1000 yards."

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