History has not been kind to Buckeye fans

How many times has Ohio State ever been 11-0? Only once during the regular season, when we blew away Indiana 42-3 in 1995. Unfortunately, we then followed that with losses to Michigan and then to Tennessee in the Citrus Bowl, to finish 11-2 

That "unfortunately" word crops up a lot when you start OSU sentences with phrases like "The last time we were…" What we need is some new and different "finishes". We need new endings to old sentences. We did go 10-0 to finish the season in both the 1955 and 1968 seasons, which capped national championship and Rose Bowl victories in those bygone years. We won game "11" in 1979 over Michigan. Unfortunately, we then lost that particular national championship and the Rose Bowl to USC. Payback, I suppose, for the 1955 and 1968 wins.

In 1996, we went into Game 11 undefeated but, unfortunately, we slipped against Michigan before closing out a successful Rose Bowl year against Arizona State.

So, these 11-0 regular seasons put us in some rarified air. OSU – in all its storied history – has never had a 12-0 regular season record. And 13-0? Don't ask. I'm superstitious. But there are other pieces of the humble pie to digest when considering that astonishing regular season record:

1.      The Bucks are #7 in all-time winning percentage. It has been pointed out, unfortunately, that each of the six teams ahead of us have won national championships since OSU did it in 1968. And a few of the teams behind us, as well…

2.      Since 1970, the Buckeyes have started the season 8-0 nine times. Unfortunately, we are 22-10-1 in the remaining games in those particular seasons with not a whiff of a national title.

3.      Four times since 1975, OSU has started 10-0. Unfortunately, we were 3-5 after those glorious starts.

4.      We have lost 11 times – since 1968 – in years that we have been ranked #1, #2, or #3 in the country after eight games of that season.

The Big Ten hasn't done much better as a conference. Since the Buckeyes last won the national championship in the aforementioned 1968 season, how many national titles have Big Ten teams won? Half of one, when Michigan backed into part of a title in 1997. All those years…

But wait – can we look forward to not looking back any more? When that last Purdue pass sailed into space on Saturday – I thought of Mike Doss from two years ago as we got burned 31-27. But this year, Chris Gamble picks it off and "game over". Is it really different this year? Can the Cubs finally win the World Series?

I submit that we are a team of heroes this year and the same heroes are stepping forward each week now. The list from last Saturday was short but stellar:

  1. Craig Krenzel
  2. The defense
  3. Chris Gamble
  4. Michael Jenkins
  5. The defense
  6. Matt Wilhelm
  7. Kyle Andrews
  8. The defense
  9. And Chris Gamble again

Krenzel? He just keeps winning. Despite the hurdles he gives himself, he overcomes them in the end. In games Craig has started and was allowed to finish, he is a perfect 12-0. The best way to statistically measure a quarterback is with wins and losses. Krenzel has been a winner every time.

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