Big 33 Buckeye Update

With Team Ohio set to report for the Big 33 Game on Friday, we did a little checking to see how things are going for the future Buckeyes on the roster. What we learned is there has been a change in plans for one of them.

With five Class of 08 Buckeyes on the roster the Ohio team looked to be in great shape to take a run and knocking off longtime foe Pennsylvania in the annual Big 33 contest set for Hershey, Pennsylvania on Saturday June 14th.

Having already got together for some practice, team Ohio looks strong with future Buckeyes Nathan Williams, Zach Domicone, Shawntel Rowell, Ben Buchanan and Nic DiLillo set to represent the Buckeye State.

As with most All-Star games things can change and one Buckeye has been forced to pull out of the game.

"I was working out and I tweaked my hamstring just the other day," Zach Domicone said on Thursday. "I visited my physical therapist about it and they feel it would be best for me to miss the game and get ready for my report date of June 16-th. I'm very disappointed and sent an email to Coach Ryan right after I found out but he didn't get my email and I spoke with him on the phone yesterday."

According to one Big 33 coach, Zach was going to play a key role in Team Ohio's defense as an outside linebacker and safety. At this time a replacement has not been announced.

This same coach spoke highly of Miami Trace standout Nathan Williams and called him a "Beast" who is set to become a major talent at Ohio State.

Several players have shown their abilities early and the coaching staff is excited to begin work on defeating Team PA on the 14th.

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