Brown is a Buckeye

Even though it really was not much of a surprise Corey Brown still made his official decision today and as expected he chose the Ohio State Buckeyes during a press conference at Gateway high school.

Monroeville (Pa.) Gateway four-star cornerback/wide receiver Corey Brown struggled to choose between the hometown team and the team that he felt best prepared him for the next level. In the end the Ohio State Buckeyes edged out the Pittsburgh Panthers for his services.

"I have committed to Ohio State," Brown said. "I just liked everything about it the academics, facilities and they get corners and safeties into the league."

During the spring Brown was considering a number of schools, but in the end the were really only two potential suitors.

"I considered UNC for a little while, but I backed off and so did they, Brown said. "I really didn't consider West Virginia that much. I didn't feel Michigan much at all. I liked Pittsburgh a lot, but I just didn't think it would be good for me to be that close to home." Brown and his mother visited Ohio State on Friday and she was a big influence on his decision.

"Me and my mom both felt that Ohio State was a better fit for me academically," Brown stated. "I really like the campus at Ohio State, it is beautiful there and the players are all very cool."

People are talking about how many defensive backs that Ohio State is bringing on and to some players that would be a deterrent, but no to Brown.

"Anywhere you go, you have to compete," Brown stated. "You cannot be scared to compete and I won't be. I'll compete against anyone."

Brown is just glad the process is over. "I am so happy that it is done Bob, man you don't know how happy I am."

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