Klein Talks About Summer and Season Ahead

We caught up with Storm Klein to get the latest on his summer and what is ahead.

How are things going now Storm since coming off the injury in the state championship game?

"I'm feeling good right now and I'm just trying to get back to where I was last summer."

Talk about the recruiting class and how the process went for you. You played a role much like several members of the Class of 2008 in helping get players to become Buckeyes.

"It just felt right to get it over with when I did. I knew Ohio State was where I wanted to be. It started with the Brew Crew and we just picked up where they had left off. It starts as becoming friends and then you become teammates. We were just trying to keep up with the tradition and help our class be one of the best. "

How did you feel today when you walked into this stadium knowing you'll soon be taking the field?

"It's exciting. Today there weren't a lot of people in the stands as compared to a game but you can feel it . You know the fans are going to be there when the season comes because they're big Buckeye fans. We're living the dream and it's a blessing to be in this position."

What type of goals have you set for this summer? You made it to the state championship game coming up on the short end, is the goal to get back this year?

"Yes, every year we want to make it back to the state championship game. It was bitter sweet last year coming up on the short end. But this year we want that state championship because it could be our first one for our seniors and there is a good chance this is our coach's last season.

What should fans expect out of you as a Buckeye?

"I want to come out here and do well. I've got high expectations in my ability and I want to do well. I know it'll take a lot of hard work and I just want to work my butt off."

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