Johnson Planning To Visit Columbus

Ohio State is targeting a number of players to join its class of 2010 on the hardwood. One of them, Chicago-area guard Anthony Johnson, has plans to come to Columbus to see the Buckeyes this August. Find out his interest in the program and where OSU stands in this update.

As the Ohio State coaches go to work on their class of 2010, one player who could fit the picture is Anthony Johnson. A 6-3, 175-pound guard prospect from Chicago Whitney Young Magnet, Johnson has his eyes set on a visit to Columbus in the near future.

"I've never been to the campus," he told "I was planning on going down in August though."

Such a trip would give the nation's sixth-ranked shooting guard prospect for his class a first-hand look – and his first-ever trip to Columbus – at a school that ranks among the leaders for his services. Constantly in contact with the OSU coaches, Johnson said he is building a relationship with the Buckeyes.

But those efforts have intensified as of late, according to Johnson – and it is all owing to his recent performances on the hardwood.

"After they saw me play a few times, and they saw that I was consistent, I think that's when it started to increase more and more," he said of the communication from OSU. "They saw me at the LeBron James tournament and I think they may have seen me play at two other tournaments in the spring.

"They know that I work out a lot, so they like that I'm a guy that works hard. They like that I'm unselfish when I play with my team and that I can score and I'm a big guard."

Conversely, Johnson said he likes what the Buckeyes have to offer.

"First of all, they have a great coaching staff," he said. "I heard their campus is unbelievable and I heard the way that they treat their athletes is great. I'm just waiting to go down there, and the education there is good too."

Having participated in a number of camps in the past few months, Johnson said he has three tournaments coming up in the coming weeks. Once those are out of the way, he will simply work out and continue to try and improve his game.

This summer, the primary goal has been to get stronger.

"I think everything I'm doing is paying off, because when I work out I don't waste my time with anything," he said. "I go hard, so I think everything I'm doing is helping me some way, somehow. That's how I feel about it."

A number of schools have shown interest in Johnson. Asked to list his top schools, he said, "Purdue, Iowa, Texas, Notre Dame, California, Florida, Kansas, LSU, of course Ohio State, you've got Iowa State, Indiana, Marquette," before adding that "it's hard to remember them all."

However, he holds just six scholarship offers. Purdue, Iowa, ISU, Notre Dame and Illinois make up five of those six schools, but Johnson did not name the sixth school.

Asked if OSU had extended him an offer, Johnson declined to comment. Asked if he was working for an offer from the Buckeyes, he apologized again and declined to comment. However, he did say that OSU is "definitely" one of his top schools.

Although there is still plenty of time to make a final decision, Johnson indicated that a decision could come in short order if he finds himself in the right situation to pick a school.

"I'm really up in the air," he said. "If I like a school a lot after I visit the campus, it could be as soon as the fall. It's just a thing I'm going to take my time on, talk to my family about it and make sure it's the right decision for me because choosing a college is very important. I'm just going to wait for the right time."

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