Homan Fulfilling His Role

Although Adam Homan stars on both sides of the ball for Coldwater, Ohio, he knows his days as a linebacker are limited. Now entering his senior season, find out what sort of things the verbal member of Ohio State's class of 2009 has been working on and what kind of fullback he thinks he might be like as a Buckeye.

Most players would not be excited to trade in a history of playing linebacker for a future at the unglamorous position of fullback.

Then again, most players aren't Adam Homan. The senior from Coldwater, Ohio, is gearing up for a senior season of again playing both positions, but this time he has an eye on playing one of them at the next level.

After a June 20th appearance at an Ohio State football camp, the Buckeye coaches all but confirmed what most had speculated once Homan verbally committed to the program: He will be a fullback in college.

And that's just fine with him.

"The way I see it, any opportunity to play for Ohio State is going to be a great one," he told BuckeyeSports.com. "They have a great system there of producing great, NFL-ready players. If that is in my future, I really feel that Ohio State's the best place for it. Just being part of any team and being able to contribute at all is a great thing in my eyes."

Primarily used as a blocking fullback when playing on offense as a junior, Homan is focusing on playing a bigger offensive role this season.

"Really the past few years on my team I've been more of a defensive priority but I really want to work on the offensive side of the ball coming out of the backfield, catching passes and running the ball," he said. "I really have been focusing on that a lot and just all the little things like quickness that have to deal with my position."

It does not hurt that the Buckeyes are not exactly loaded at the fullback position, either. OSU graduated three fullbacks from last season, and a handful of players either new to the program or new to the position have been given looks in the backfield.

One of them is Curtis Terry, a senior linebacker who looked impressive in limited action during spring football. The 6-2, 230-pound Homan, who is rated as the No. 10 fullback prospect in the country by Scout.com, said he sees some parallels between himself and Terry.

"When it comes to fullback, I think with my body type and being a linebacker, it comes more naturally to me to be more physical," he said. "I can definitely see myself being compared to someone like Curtis Terry. It's the same hitting, it's just that you're blocking for someone else and you're on the other side of the ball."

Now a three-star prospect, Homan was the fourth player to issue a verbal commitment to join the Buckeyes for their class of 2009. Although he listed other schools he was interested in at the time of his commitment, Homan now says there was never anyone seriously challenging OSU for his services.

"Really no one was even close to Ohio State," he said. "I might have said there were other schools I was interested in, but that really was just to help keep my options open in case Ohio State didn't come through. Other than that, I would say the next closest would be Illinois and Northwestern and Stanford but they weren't really even close to Ohio State."

Interest from other schools has completely tapered off, he said, because other schools recognize that he is 100 percent committed to playing for Jim Tressel in college.

An early member – he issued his verbal commitment Dec. 29 – of a class that now totals 24 players, Homan said he has enjoyed watching spots fill up and getting to know some of the other commitments.

"It's been great to see myself already as a member of the class and get to know the guys who are coming on board," he said. "It's great to be there."

He has not taken an active role in recruiting other players, though.

"I try to find their numbers or find ways to contact the new guys, but as far as going out there and calling them and signing up recruits that are interested I haven't done that too much," he said. "I try to stay in contact with some of the guys I've worked with like Johnny Simon and some of the guys that committed early with me, but other than that I think the coaching staff has done well enough on its own."

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