Jaamal Berry Still Visiting Ohio State

Miami Palmetto star tailback Jaamal Berry is one of the top recruits in the country and has attracted offers from most of the top programs in America. He is in the process of setting up his five official visits. Before any official visits take place, Berry and his mom will be taking an unofficial visit to Ohio State. Bill Greene has the latest.

Miami Palmetto star tailback Jaamal Berry continues to be a wanted man by many of the top programs in America. He has set up three official visits and is in the process of setting up the final two.

"I have already scheduled three official visits," Berry stated. "I'm going to LSU to see them play Georgia. I'm also going to Mississippi when they play Auburn. The third visit is to Ohio State for the Michigan game. My other officials probably won't be to any of the Florida schools because I can drive to them. I'm thinking seriously of visiting Michigan for my fourth. I'm getting along real well with that coaching staff and I love the tradition at Michigan. They have always been good at running the football and I think they'll be back on top real soon with the new coaching staff. It's just a matter of calling the Michigan coaches and setting things up for a visit. I'm also considering West Virginia and a few other schools. I spend a lot of time on the internet researching different schools, learning about them academically as well as their football program. I hope to have every visit set up by the end of summer."

Berry is also planning one unofficial visit in the next few weeks. Along with his mother and a family adviser, Jaamal will be heading back to Columbus to once again see Ohio State. Berry's mother, Eartha, spoke about that scheduled trip.

"Yes, we will be going to Ohio State on August 6th," Eartha Berry reported. "We originally planned to go on August 3rd, but now one of our family friends wants to go with us, but he couldn't go on the 3rd. Our tickets were purchased a while ago and it's hard to switch things with the airlines, but we just finalized everything this evening with him and we'll be at Ohio State in a few weeks. I really want to get up there and see the school. Jaamal has been after me to go up there ever since he came back from his visit last spring. I'm excited to visit with the coaches and see the campus."

There was some thought given to seeing other schools in the immediate area when in Columbus, but now it appears that won't be the case.

"I don't think we'll be going to see any other schools on that trip," Jaamal Berry said. "I'm pretty sure it will just be the three of us going to just Ohio State and then returning home. My schedule is pretty tight right now with my high school practices getting started. We are pretty busy right now. That's why I didn't go on the [South Florida Express] bus tour last week. It was nothing against Florida at all. I still like the Gators a lot. My team had a 7 on 7 the next day so I didn't make it to Friday Night Lights at Florida. The Florida coaches knew about why I wasn't coming. I will probably take an unofficial visit to Florida when they play Miami on September 6th."

Berry is trying to put recruiting to the side while he concentrates on his senior season of football.

"My high school team has to come first," he said. "Without them I wouldn't be in this position of being recruited by the colleges. I'm focusing on our season and on keeping my grades up. I didn't do so well as a freshman, but I've really picked it up academically the past two years. I've talked with my guidance counselors a lot to make sure everything is in order for me to be qualified. They've told me I'm in good shape and I'm going to make sure I do well in the classroom this year, so I stay where I need to be. That's important to me."

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