OFS Seniors 11-15

We continue to reveal OFS' revised senior rankings for the upcoming issue. Today, we have 11-15.

11. **** Raymond Edwards 6-5 230 4.6 DE/LB Cincinnati Woodward
Last year at this time, I didn't even know the name Raymond Edwards. Talk about coming out of nowhere. There is no such thing as too many big kids who can run, and that is what you see with Raymond Edwards. He is not just a big agile player with a lot of raw potential. Edwards is a player. He racked up ( ). I spoke to several players who played against Edwards, and they were unanimous in their appraisal of him. He is the real deal -- a special kind of athlete that will be able to write his own ticket to college. He has the frame to fill out into the 270 range and the wingspan that can be so important to a defensive end coming up against offensive tackles that will outweigh him by a least 50 lbs. He set up visits to Purdue, Ohio State and Boston College.

12. **** Mike Phillips 5-11 175 4.5 DB Warren Harding
This season, Mike Phillips did what Mike Phillips always does -- he quietly went about playing consistently good football. In size and style, Phillips reminds me of former Ohio State corner Ahmad Plummer. There is not a lot of flash and dash to his game, but look at the box score and you will see it was not a good night for whoever he was matched up against. He has good corner size and speed and is also intelligent (an honors student). That is an aspect of football that never gets the weight it should in recruiting because a smarter player can process information faster. Phillips' level of competition completes the package. He had a stellar year against a level of competition that will prepare him well for the next level. He had offers from Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech and Boston College as we go to press.

13. **** Marcel Frost 6-5 230 4.7 TE/DE Lyndhurst Brush
As I review his tape, I am once again as impressed with Marcel Frost as I am with any big player in this class. He is the most versatile and the most complete football player. Most players of his caliber are special at one position and can be very good at one or more others, but Frost is outstanding at both tight end and defensive end. He is probably a better tight end right now with his great hands, his feel for the passing game and his after-the-catch skills. He is like a runaway train but is elusive and surprisingly fast. Trying to tackle him is a job, but first you have to catch him. Very few tight ends have the kind of hands after catch that Frost puts up. On defense, he is a tough, physical and relentless defensive end. I spoke to Marcel and was surprised to hear that he had never played defensive end before his 12-sack junior year.

14. **** Chinedum Ndukwe 6-3 200 WR Dublin Coffman
Ohio was chock full of quality big receivers this year with the likes of Wheelwright, Lowe, Jordan and Chinedum Ndukwe. All are 6-2 or better. Ndukwe is right up there with Wheelwright as a big play threat, and when it comes to pure athleticism, Ndukwe is very explosive. He ran well enough at camp at Notre Dame to gain an offer this summer and accepted soon after, joining his high school battery mate Brady Quinn. Ndukwe did not have the number of catches he had as a junior, but he drew the bulk of attention from opposing defenses. Consistency will be the key ingredient to success at Notre Dame for Ndukwe. If he masters it, he has NFL skills.

15. **** Reggie Smith 6-2 225 4.55 LB E. Cleveland Shaw
Probable future Buckeye commitment will have an in-depth profile in the upcoming issue (not completed yet).

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