Frankie Telfort Down To Final Six

Frankie Telfort, from Gulliver Prep in Miami, Florida, has attracted over 30 scholarship offers. Telfort, a 6-foot, 205-pound linebacker, is being recruited by most of the top programs in the country, and has finally narrowed his list to six schools. Which schools made the cut? Bill Greene spoke to Telfort and has the latest.

Gulliver Prep [Miami, Fla.] star Frankie Telfort is one of the hottest prospects in the country, attracting over 30 offers, from most of the top programs in the country. Telfort has narrowed his list to his final six schools.

"Recruiting is going really good right now," Telfort stated. "I have my top six schools and I'm going to be concentrating on these over the next few months. They are USC, Stanford, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Tennessee and Florida."

Telfort spoke about all six schools and mentioned what he finds appealing in each school.

"USC is in Southern California, and that's a big plus for me," he said. "USC had a great recruiting class last year and they are a powerhouse that should be dominant for the next few years. Stanford is a great academic school that actually beat USC last year, even though USC had a lot of injuries. Stanford is a place that if you earn a degree from there, you will be set for the rest of your life. Stanford graduates are making six-figure salaries in their first year out of college. Florida is a school I've visited many times. They've been recruiting me since tenth grade. I was there for the Kentucky game in 2006 when they won the championship behind Cris Leak and Tim Tebow. I like Florida a lot."

"Notre Dame is also very good academically, but they haven't been very good on the field for a while. Their last couple recruiting classes were pretty good, but they have great tradition and can re-build pretty quickly. Ohio State is a powerhouse and they've been in the championship game the past two years. Ohio State is very close to getting over the hump and they might be able to add a little more speed with a few more Florida guys. I know Jaamal Berry [Miami Palmetto] is real interested in them too. Tennessee is a school I have visited and liked a lot. They have a great atmosphere and a real family feeling. All the coaches get along and root for each other, not just the football coaches, but both basketball programs support the other sports. Tennesse is a great school and I had a great time there last summer."

One notable exception to Telfort's list is Miami. It seems inconceivable that the home town team wouldn't be recruiting a player like Telfort.

"I'm not sure why Miami isn't recruiting me, to be honest," Telfort explained. "I've seen them do this a lot, but then come in on a player late in the recruiting process. If they were to start recruiting me I would listen to what they had to say, but I'm very happy with my offers to this point."

With so many great schools to choose from it's apparent Telfort will have a tough decision ahead of him. It's not a decision he will make without much careful thought.

"It will be a very tough decision in the end," Telfort admitted. "I will call on my coach and my parents for advice. I know a lot of good things about each of the schools and that makes it really hard. The academic situation will play a huge part in my decision. My official visits will weigh very heavily in my final decision. I want to set up official visits after my season is completed, but I might schedule one during our bye week. I'm taking another unofficial to Florida to see them play Miami, and I won't need to take an official visit to Florida. I might call Jaamal Berry and see if we could work it out to visit Ohio State on the same weekend. Right now I'm concentrating on my season. We have our first game tomorrow night and I'm pretty pumped up to get our season started. I won't be making my decision until after the first of the year in 2009. ESPN is coming to my house to film my announcement, but there isn't a firm date set yet."

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