Scouting Report: Glenville Tarblooders

WHEELING, WV--Ted Ginn has had his share of talented players over the years including NFL standouts Ted Ginn Jr. and Troy Smith, but this years squad may be his best ever. The Tarblooders are a united group, while they may not have a Ginn or Smith, they play together. The Tarblooders made a statement over the weekend by beating Pennsylvania power Thomas Jefferson.

5 Mike Edwards CB/WR 6-0/185 2009

I think it is safe to say that no one helped themselves more in the recruiting game than Mike Edwards. We saw Edwards earlier in the year at a camp, but we did not realize he is as good as what he showed us in Wheeling. Edwards made a few circus catches that most high school kids cannot make. He showed that he has an extra gear that most people do not have. He is hell bent on playing defense at the next level and he is a very good defensive back, but he can be a difference maker on offense. Besides Marcus Hall, he may have been the best player we saw this weekend.

79 Marcus Hall OT 6-5/350 2009

WOW…Not much else I can honestly say about Mr. Hall. I don't know if I have ever seen a high school lineman dominate a football game like I saw Hall do against Thomas Jefferson. He not only finished his blocks, he just destroyed people. You would literally see Hall fly down field and the next thing you would see if Thomas Jefferson players on their backs and Black Jaguar helmets flying off of heads. He looked like an NFL lineman playing against high school kids. I honestly cannot imagine that there is a better high school offensive tackle in the country than Marcus Hall. I never say offensive linemen can start in college as freshmen, but I would make an exception with Hall.

7 Andre Sturdivant LB 6-3/205 2011

If this years Tarblooders are this good, I cannot imagine what this sophomore class will be like in a few years. Sturdivant looks as good physically as any senior linebacker I have seen. When we interviewed him after the game we thought he was a senior that was under the radar. Imagine my surprise when he said he was a sophomore. Sturdivant is a physical, hardnosed football player. Inside the box he dominates against the run. If he progresses the next two years like he played against Thomas Jefferson, he could have Top 100 potential.

8 Travis Freeman LB 6-1/200 2009

Freeman is kind of the forgotten man in the Glenville defense, but once the game starts he quickly reminds everyone that they need to pay attention to him. He is a great athlete who flies to the ball. His lateral quickness from sideline to sideline is off the charts. He can stuff the run and cover the pass. He could probably play safety in some schemes.

9 Davon Coleman LB 6-1/230 2009

See the description for Sturdivant and apply it to Coleman, just make him a senior. Coleman was off the radar prior to this weekend's action, but not anymore. Coleman like most of his teammates looks like he already spent a year in a college weight room. He is also a solid run stuffer and got a lot of pressure on the quarterback. If his grades are in order he is a definite D-I prospect.

10 Cardale Jones QB 6-4/190 2011

Jones did not play and rarely do I focus on a young player so closely in warm-ups, but this kid just screams potential. He has outstanding size and a very impressive arm. Arvelle Nelson was a good high school quarterback and this kid looks to have a little thicker build and could end up being a better prospect. He could start for a lot of teams.

16 Terrence Owens QB 6-3/160 2009

The more I see of Owens the more I like him. In all honesty, besides Patrick Nicely if I were taking a quarterback from Ohio Owens would be my next pick. He is a smooth operator behind center with a very fluid, left handed delivery. He can thread the needle on the short to intermediate routes and he shows outstanding touch on the deep ball. He moves well and seems as comfortable on the run as he is in the pocket. The one concern I have with Owens is his size, he is rail thin.

23 Robert Walton Jr. RB 5-10/190 2011

I have see a lot of Thomas Jefferson games and I honestly have only seen one other back run for as many yards (20-134) against the Jaguars defense as I saw Walton get. The last back that I saw have as much success was former Penn State and current St. Louis Ram rookie cornerback Justin King. Yes, that is saying something. The scary thing is he is only a sophomore. He has a nice blend of speed and power for a young back.

34 Ethan Cargill RB 6-1/205 2009

Schools that like big backs that can move should be all over this kid. I don't think we ever saw him get stopped behind the line of scrimmage. He hits the holes with authority; there is no apprehension or dancing around. You see him get the ball and next thing you know he is at the second level already. He can definitely play at the next level.

55 Jonathan Newsome DE/LB 6-4/210 2009

My feelings on Newsome were lukewarm when I first saw him. Well all I can say after his performance against Thomas Jefferson is that someone turned the temperature up on the water, because he is a baller. He was only credited with two sacks, but by our calculations it was more in the neighborhood of three or four sacks. He was relentless all game long and he made life very uncomfortable for Jaguars quarterback Tyler Wehner. He has a lot of room for growth and should be an impressive player in the future for Ohio State.

70 Aundrey Walker OT 6-5/305 2011

Yes, Tarblooder fans Marcus Hall will be leaving after this season, but don't fret because you're in good hands. Audrey Walker is the next big thing to come out of Glenville. This 6-foot-5, 300-pound manchild barely has an ounce of fat on him. It is almost unfair that he is only a sophomore. There aren't many sophomores anywhere in the country that look like this one.

97 Xavier Hines DT 6-3/240 2009

Hines doesn't get a bunch of opportunities to shine, because of all the star power around him, but he is a stalwart in the middle of that Glenville defensive line. He is a "tweener" right now who could play end or tackle, it will all depend on how he grows. He is very quick off the ball and plays with a low pad level. He is very strong and sheds blockers easily.

99 Jayrone Elliott DE 6-3/210 2010

I won't compare Elliott to the former Tarblooder who is now at Ohio State who last wore that No. 99 Rob Rose, but when you see that long, lanky guy coming off that edge you can't help but evoke some old memories. Elliott has an incredible wing span just like Rose, of course Rose is a monster now, but back when he was a junior he still had a lot of room to grow like Elliott. He is still raw, but when he wants to he is a pretty fierce pass rusher off the edge.

4 Shane Wynn WR 5-9/165 2011

Yes, another sophomore standout for Glenville. Ted Ginn and the Tarblooders may have some trouble scheduling opponents the next few years with all of the young talent that they have. Wynn is small, but lightning quick. He caught two passes and averaged almost 30-yards per catch. Could it be another Ray Small?

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