Overheard At Ohio State: Week Four

This week defensive coordinator Jim Heacock along with players Ben Person, Kurt Coleman, Doug Worthington and Malcolm Jenkins all had lots to say about the Trojans they'll play next and the ones they played last. Jim Tressel is included as well.

In this latest installment of our weekly look at everything discussed during Ohio State interviews over the course of the week, we have a more feisty than usual Jim Tressel explaining his quarterback quandary - among other things - and players such as Ben Person, Malcolm Jenkins and Kurt Coleman weigh in with their takes on what cost the team last week against USC and what it will take to bounce back this week against Troy.

Defensive coordinator Jim Heacock also got his chance to talk about why things happened the way they did last Saturday night in the Coliseum.

Whether you're reminiscing about topics you've already read about this week or looking for tidbits you might have missed, it's all here in the latest Cus Words blog post.

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