Fun With The Archives

Every week for the print edition of BSB I dig through our 26-plus-year archive for relevant things going on in the past. Here's some stuff that did not make the cut for the print edition but that I think you'll find interesting.

Since starting up in 1981, Buckeye Sports Bulletin has been there for countless big moments in Ohio State history. I recap some of the best from 25, 20, 15, 10 and five years ago in every print edition of BSB, but there is usually more worth remembering than will fit onto that single page.

Take a look now at some of the stuff that didn't make the cut but is worth remembering be it for a smile or a chuckle.

Mentioned this week: Another loss in John Cooper's tumultuous first year, hype for Andrew Radojevic, questions about Ivan Harris and the latest on the recruitment of Andy Mignery. Plus don't miss the passing debut of two hotshot freshmen quarterbacks in 2003.

Check it out in the latest Cus Words Blog post.

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