Green To Take Official Visits

Although he said he remains committed to Ohio State, four-star athlete prospect Justin Green is now planning on taking trips to a number of other schools. Find out where he will be going and what this means about his commitment to the Buckeyes in this report.

Justin Green remains committed to Ohio State, but that will not stop the four-star athlete from continuing to take a look around.

A senior at Louisville (Ky.) Male, Green is planning to take at least three official visits to see schools other than the Buckeyes, and he is doing so with the blessing of the OSU coaching staff.

"I'll probably go visit Clemson and Illinois and the University of Kentucky," he told "That's all I have right now. I don't have any dates set up yet."

After committing to the Buckeyes during the month of June, Green – who is the younger brother of former OSU defensive lineman Marcus Green – began publicly expressing interest in checking out Clemson to see what the Tigers have to offer.

Through it all, though, Green has maintained that the Buckeyes remain his choice and that his verbal commitment remains strong. Describing that commitment as "98 to 99 percent" solid, the 5-11, 180-pound prospect reiterated his desire to make certain that he is making the right decision.

"This is a crucial decision in my life," he said. "Even though I'm pretty much set on where I want to go, I still think it's wise to check out other things and other options just to see how things would go if I was to take another option. I just want to see what else is out there."

Although those words likely make OSU fans worry, one group of people is not panicking. That group is the OSU coaching staff, and they are encouraging Green to take visits elsewhere to make sure he is certain of his final decision.

"They've been nice about the whole process," Green said. "They encourage me to take my visits and see what else is out there because they know this is an important decision. They want me to take other visits. They don't mind it at all."

That sentiment has been a help to the four-star prospect as he tries to figure things out.

"I think it's been real helpful," he said. "It takes a little bit off of my shoulders. I don't have to worry about them getting a little mad about me taking other visits to different schools and such."

As for the visits themselves, Green said he knows what he is hoping to see.

"Basically I'm just going to check out the overall program, the academics, the coaches," he said. "I'm going to see their style of coaching and see if it's something that I'm interested in. I'm going to also check out the atmosphere of the place and just the whole city, too, just to see if it's a place that I would want to go to school at for the next four or five years."

His brother will likely accompany him on the visits, Green said.

A report on indicated that Green was planning on checking out USC as well, but he denied that, saying he has never been contacted by the Trojans.

Through his first four games, Green said he has scored nine touchdowns and recorded 25 tackles. The Buckeyes are recruiting him as an athlete, but one or two specific positions are emerging as the coaches talk to him.

"The last time I talked with them, position-wise, I think they're learning more towards defensive back," he said of OSU, "but I think they're also going to try me on the offensive side of the ball in the slot or something. I kind of like playing on the defensive side of the ball, but my mind might change a little bit later.

"Pretty much all of (the schools) are saying athlete. Some are leaning more toward defensive back."

While his future might look uncertain, Green said he feels confident that he has made the right decision and on his own terms.

"I don't feel like I rushed anything," he said. "I've been knowing where I wanted to go for a long time."

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