Dr. Recruitnik sez Analyze This - WRs

"Dr. Recruitnik" is back with his continuing look at his positional needs... today is WRs.

For a team that traditionally throws from a two-receiver set, Ohio State has been blessed with a cornucopia of great wide receivers in the past generation (Carter, Glenn, Galloway, Boston to name a few…). And for an offense that only throws about 15 times a game, Ohio State is truly blessed with an abundance of great receivers on the team even as you read this. Let's name those few:


Chris Vance (Sr.)


Michael Jenkins (Jr.)

Drew Carter (Jr.)

Maurice Lee (Jr.)


Chris Gamble (Soph.)

Bam Childress (Soph.)

Angelo Chattams (Soph.)

John Hollins (Soph.)


Santonio Holmes (redshirting freshman)

Roy Hall (redshirting freshman)


And, to be technically correct (as well as fair), we can't totally discount the walk-on receivers which include Jamal Luke (Jr.), Scott Petroff (Jr.), Mike Young (Soph.), and Craig Kolk (Fr.). Since OSU is making a good habit out of elevating walk-ons, this group at least deserves consideration.


So. That's the playbill, how about the plot? Vance is gone after this year, leaving a potential starting three-receiver set to be Jenkins-Carter-Gamble, not a bad tri-fecta to ponder. Us amateur analysts sometimes forget that Carter was vying for playing time two seasons ago before getting hurt and that some veteran observers think that he is in the same mold as Michael Jenkins. Not a bad mold to ponder.


Maurice Lee is willing even to switch positions but not fitting appreciably into the Buckeye plans. For the sophomore class, I posit that there is good news/good news/bad news/good news. In order: I feel Gamble will play all four years, I feel Childress will find more time on the field in specialty situations, I think Chattams will not see the field as a Buckeye, and John Hollins will be a pleasant surprise as a possession receiver.


The mystery freshmen are not as mysterious to scout team watchers. They rave about Santonio Holmes (the "next Chris Gamble"?) and Duane Long raves about Roy Hall (the "next David Boston"). That's some pretty nice ponderables, there!


From a chronological perspective, Jenkins and Carter need to be replaced after next season and the Three H's seem to be chomping at the bit: Hollins, Holmes and Hall. The following year, we lose all but our current freshmen. So, even though we seem to have an embarrassment-of-riches at the position right now…


Dr. Recruitnik sez: We will take two wide receivers this year. One is already in the fold in the person of Devin Jordan, Zwick's old high school target. Jordan will remind many of a faster John Hollins and an intriguing kid to watch develop. But we need another fireball on the outside. OSU is talking to Chase Anastasio who (like OSU-commit Tony Gonzalez) can play WR or DB. But the kid I would like to see OSU get is Ernie Wheelright. He is big (6'5" 210). He is fast (4.5). He has great athleticism and great leaping ability. Because grades were an issue early on, he fell off the traditional radar screens. Like Troy Smith from last year, if he's qualified, we should take him!


Who's news next year on the Ohio wide receiver scene? Potentially, a great one in Fred Davis (Toledo Rogers) who will be a Top 100 kid nationally and can also be projected as a tailback. And, on a slightly smaller scale, there's Michael Bell from Shaker Heights, as well as Miles Williams from Austintown Fitch.


The future looks bright and the pipeline looks to stay full at this position at this time!

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