Overheard at Ohio State: Week 8

If you missed anything on BuckeyeSports.com this week, you can probably find mention of it here among the noteworthy topics discussed by Jim Tressel and select players.

This week there was surely no lack of interesting topics. Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel had to answer questions about his struggling offense, the development of his young quarterback Terrelle Pryor and the possibility of using Todd Boeckman more, among other things.

In a development uncharacteristic of the way Ohio State generally conducts player interviews, nearly every senior was made available to the press on Tuesday, and left tackle Alex Boone, defensive tackle Nader Abdallah, cornerback Malcolm Jenkins, safety Jamario O'Neal all got in some choice words after backup quarterback Todd Boeckman had his first unmoderated interview since Tressel opted to replace him as the starter with Pryor.

We also got to talk to Anderson Russell this week, but the most prominent interview of the week belonged to tight end Jake Ballard.

Find all that in the latest post on the Cus Words Blog.

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