Evaluation: Saguaro v. Chaparral

A lot of talent on display in Scottsdale, Az Friday night. Scout.com's Jason Jewell breaks down the 10+ D1 prospects in this game.

I attended the Scottsdale Saguaro and Scottsdale Chaparral game on Friday and this would rival any game I have ever been to as far as talent on the field. There were nine players holding division-one scholarship offers and maybe another nine that could be offered either in this year's class or in the classes of 2010 and 2011. Included in this group two four-star athletes and a five-star player.


I will start by breaking down the Saguaro Sabercats


CB/WR/Return man Erik Brown- 5-11 180- Explosive player that could play on either side of the ball in college. Has good quickness and burst. Good hips allow him to turn and run with most receivers. Quick feet very good change of direction. Currently holds an offer from Colorado State and I expect this Texas transfer to have a handful of offers when it is all said and done.


WR/DB Paul Porras- 6-2 190- The Rice commit plays corner and receiver but projects as a college safety. Student of the game that does a lot of little things right. Runs nice routes, has very good change of direction, is a team player and a great student. Lack of elite speed has kept him from having bigger offers but there is no doubt about it, Rice got a solid football player.  


RB Beau Burton- 5-11 210- Thick through the legs and a powerful runner. Is a one cut and go back. Shiftiness and jukes are not his game. Very productive back that has averaged offer ten yards per carry for his career. Has good speed but not great and will get caught from behind on occasions. I believe this is what has kept more than just UNLV from offering.


OL Kody Koebensky- 6-3 290- Has played both OG and OT in high school but projects as a guard. Has long arms and plays with a good base. Is sound in both run and pass blocking. Uses hands well and will finish his blocks. Can pull and is a smart player that knows all of the positions along Saguaro's line. Isn't going to wow you with the fastest 40 or dunk a basketball but will take his lunch pail to work and do a good job in the trenches for Arizona State.


DT Corey Adams- 6-4 290- This was Corey's first full game back from a foot injury and he played most of the game on both sides of the ball. One of the most physically intimidating players you will see in the country. Has the size to come in and play in college right now. Has good speed for a big guy and is extremely strong. Uses hands well. Got tired in this game and took some plays off. If he doesn't pan out at DT, he could play OG in college as he is a sound offensive lineman.


TE Max Smith- 6-2 255- Very solid player that recently committed to Arizona State. Is a TE that can do a variety of things. Is a capable blocker, has nice hands, decent speed, can play h-back and serves as his teams punter.


DE Justin Jungblut- 6-5 255- Long and athletic with a ton of room to grow. Is a player that is still developing as this is his first year starting full time. Good motor. Could bulk up and play DT but I think he has a future at OT if he doesn't work out at DE for Boise State. Has long arms, is athletic and has good speed.


QB Cole Rarrick- 6-4 210- Still very raw as this is his first year starting. Has all of the tools to be a D1 prospect. Has great size and strong arm just lacks experience and needs some fundamental work. Has decent feet and speed and has his best football in front of him.


OL Sebastian Sica- 6-0 260- Tough play that has played center and OG. His height is going to hurt him but is a very good offensive lineman. Has a mean streak and does a lot of little things right. Probably a 1AA prospect at best.


Small School/Junior College Prospects


S Sam Wolfe- 6-2 195

K Steve Chiapetti- 5-10 205

LB/DB/RB Austin Swindle- 5-11 200

OL Elijah Housmyer- 6-0 260



OT Kody Innes- 6-5 270- Class of 2010

DE Jordan McDonald- 6-3 210- Class of 2010

OT Cyrus Hobbi- 6-3 255- Class of 2011

Chaparral Firebirds


QB Spencer Stone- 5-11 170- Another solid player that is going to be hurt by height. Otherwise, is accurate and has good arm and touch. High completion percentage and low TD-INT ratio. Probably a 1AA or D2 prospect.


OL Taylor Lewan- 6-6 270- Lewan was the most impressive player in my opinion in this game, and the scary thing is he only has 7 games of offensive tackle play under his belt. Is extremely athletic, has long arms and great feet. Is super aggressive, makes blocks downfield and is a finisher. Great in pass pro with long arms, needs to play lower in the run game. Needs to play smarter as several penalties hurt his team, but at the same time, you don't want him to lose his aggression. Has 15 major college offers and deserves them.


DE Craig Roh- 6-4 225- Roh was injured in this game and didn't play much. He hurt his ankle previously and left the game in the 2nd quarter. But is a very long and rangy DE that has a great motor. Quick off the ball. Will have to bulk up but frame will allow him to.


DT Derrick Nsubuga- 5-11 260- One of my favorite players in this game. Squatty and strong DT with a good motor. Reports a near 400 pound bench press. Quick off the ball and could make a nice nose tackle. Some schools love DTs like this as they get great leverage and can get penetration. Could be a 1AA player in the right system.


Small School/Junior College Prospects


TE Tyler Williams- 6-2 230- Torn ACL and may slip through the cracks

LB Ryan Holmes- 6-1 230

LB Tommy Russell- 5-11 230

LB Tyler Ermisch- 6-2 240- foot inury, did not play

OL Ethan Lewis- 6-3 245

OL Pete Niggemann- 6-2 280

OL Nick Streich- 6-1 265
WR Brandon Martin- 6-4 170




RB Dwayne Garrett- 6-0 165- Class of 2010

K Ben Damari

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