Corey Adams Ready For OSU Visit

Although Ohio State has already accepted 25 verbal commitments for its class of 2008, that has not stopped the Buckeyes from pursuing a few highly touted prospects across the country. A five-star defensive tackle prospect from Arizona, Corey Adams is one of them and he will be in Columbus this weekend for the Penn State game.

Corey Adams is learning that some things are certain in the recruiting world.

The five-star defensive tackle prospect from Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saguaro will take an official visit to Ohio State this weekend to see the Buckeyes host Penn State in a rare night game at Ohio Stadium. It will be his third official visit, having already seen Nebraska and Arizona State.

Still on the table is an official visit to USC, scheduled for the second weekend of December. After that, Adams will make his college announcement at halftime of the Under Armour High School All-American Game set for Jan. 4.

Now all that remains is actually selecting a school. According to Saguaro head coach John Sanders, having things planned out has helped Adams get through the situation while still devoting his attention to his team's attempt to three-peat as state champions.

"It was hard for him to tell Notre Dame no," Sanders told "It was hard for him to tell people know because he's a kid. When you're being recruited, everybody loves you, so it's hard to say, ‘I'm out.' He's had to get through that and I've pushed him to the point of saying, ‘Look, people need to know. You need to narrow this down.' "

He did so, and although a visit was taken to Nebraska, Sanders said he believes Adams' final decision will be between ASU, OSU and USC. The Cornhuskers have been boosted by the fact that Sanders is a former Colorado coach and has told Adams that the university is a football school.

Still, that trip to Nebraska might have been just that.

"I think that it's been down to SC, Ohio State and Arizona State for a long time," Sanders said.

The Buckeyes entered the picture at a young age for Adams, whose stepfather hails from the Buckeye State.

"Ohio State's been in the mix since the kid was a sophomore," Sanders said. "I wouldn't say they started coming around and contacting him, but the kid knew that was a place that he would love to play. When kids are 14 or 15 they talk about going to be a Gator or going to be a Buckeye or going to be a Sooner or whatever. That was out of his mouth since he was a young kid."

Although he has been raised to cheer for the Buckeyes, Adams has then learned more about the program in the past few years, Sanders said.

"The only strong interest he really has in going far away is Ohio State for all the obvious reasons: Ohio State is very, very successful at football. They put a lot of guys in the pros. Every year you have a chance to be in the BCS. He has family from back in Ohio," Sanders said. "I talked to Coach Tressel this morning and I explained to him what a great job Ohio State has done. They've got a class program, Coach Tressel runs the thing with class, the guys who have been recruiting Corey like John Peterson have done a great job with Corey. It shows from the very top why they're as good as they are, and that's impressive to any kid.

"Then you add the fact that you've got some family from back there that you've heard about Ohio State football since you were born and it's a big deal to the kid."

OSU is not hurting for competition, however. Two of Adams' teammates are already verbally committed to play for ASU next season, and they have been trying to pressure the 6-3, 288-pound Adams to join them next year.

For now, though, the five-star prospect rated as the No. 7 defensive tackle in the country is not giving any indications as to which school – if any – might lead for his services.

"I have two kids with verbal commitments to Arizona State that have been brutal with him and he won't even budge," Sanders said. "I would say he's right where he's been. He's going to withhold judgment until he gets back from SC."

The schools still in the running should be happy they have gotten this far, Sanders said.

"I can not begin to tell you that people have begged for him to come," he said. "Colorado said, ‘Please, just get on a plane. Come and see what Boulder is.' UCLA said, ‘Please, get on a plane. Come and look at Westwood. Come and watch a game. Come to the Rose Bowl.' Where he's tripping is the only places he has interest in going. It wasn't easy to get him to trip."

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