Scanning the Buckeye Sports Bulletin Archives

Every week for the print edition of BSB, staff writer Marcus Hartman digs through our 27-plus-year archive for relevant things going on in the past. Here's some stuff that did not make the cut for the print edition but that we think you'll find interesting.

We cover Ohio State's welcoming of Penn State to the Big Ten in 1993, how the Buckeyes defended Antwaan Randle El in 1998, John Cooper's creating of a mini quarterback controversy in 1988 and Scott McMullen's engineering of a rally in Happy Valley.

We also check in on the recruitment of Ryan Brewer, Dajuan Morgan and big-time basketball prospects Malik Hairston and Al Horford.

All that and Kirk Herbstreit's thoughts on the new pro-style Ohio State offense of 1988 are included in the latest Cus Words Blog post.

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