Rea's Day Blog: Candidates For O-Coordinator

If Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel really is going to tweak his offensive staff this offseason, we've already done some legwork for him. Here are five candidates we'd like to see get a shot at working with Terrelle Pryor and the OSU offense. Check it out along with news from Around the Country and the Fearless Forecast.

It really doesn't matter whether Jim Tressel, Jim Bollman or Granny Nevada is calling the plays. When push comes to shove in the red zone, it's the offensive scheme and not so much individual play calls that mean the difference between touchdowns and field goals.

Whether or not you believe the intimation that Tressel may tweak his offensive coaching staff during the offseason, it seems altogether logical that a guy who has 215 career victories knows a thing or two about what does and what doesn't work. If you and I can figure out that a team with Terrelle Pryor at quarterback and Beanie Wells at running back is underachieving, chances are real good that Tressel has figured it out as well.

The nagging question is what the OSU coach does about it. How does he tweak the offense?

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