Rea's Day Blog: Some Spice For JT's Vanilla

If head coach Jim Tressel is truly going to liven up what has been described as a vanilla offensive attack, maybe he can begin by sprinkling a little spice into his regular gatherings with the Ohio State press corps.

Vanilla is a perfectly good flavor for ice cream. For a major college football offense, however, vanilla is not a popular flavor. Vanilla is a sports metaphor for conservative, bland and predictable, and when some teams are averaging 30, 40, even 50 points per game, vanilla seems a pretty fair assessment for a team that has failed to tally a single offensive touchdown in three entire games.

As Ohio State moves through the open week in its 2008 schedule, fans want to know how Jim Tressel is going to turn his vanilla team into something a little tastier. The coach could start with the way he conducts his meetings with the press corps. It might be a refreshing change if Tressel took his questioners head-on rather than trying to parse his words.

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