Skimming the BSB Archives

Every week for the print edition of BSB, Marcus Hartman digs through our 27-plus-year archive for relevant things going on in the past. Read on for some of the items that did not make the cut for the paper but that still are worth reliving for Buckeye fans.

In a weekly look at what the Buckeyes were doing 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years ago, read about Mike Tomczak's return from injury in 1983, Jimmy Jackson's verbally committing to Ohio State in '88, a famous 1993 tie with the Wisconsin thanks to Marlon Kerner's blocked field goal, information on the recruitment of Samaki Walker and 2003 heroics from Craig Krenzel, among other stories.

All that and more can be found in the newest Cus Words Blog post.

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