Stories From Buckeye Sports Bulletin Archives

Every week for the print edition of BSB, staffer Marcus Hartman digs through our 27-plus-year archive for relevant things going on in the past. More stories from former Buckeye greats (and some of those guys you might have forgotten) can be found here.

This week John Frank explains when a Buckeye should begin disliking Michigan, Dustin Fox does his part to keep Big Ten and national title hopes alive, an ill-fated basketball signing occurs and much more.

John Cooper and Hayden Fry have their say about ties, a Cincinnati high school coach opines on the quality of talent in southwestern Ohio, Gary Williams continues his pursuit of local boys' basketball talent, and the football Buckeyes look forward to facing Michigan with high stakes on the line in more than one season.

Read about all that in greater detail in the latest post in the Cus Words Blog.

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