Bucknuts Radio Hour - 12/11

Today's Bucknuts Radio Hour featured Warren Harding head coach Thom McDaniels and new OSU commitment Kirk Barton. Here are some highights:

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Coach McDaniels:

  • When asked about rumors he could join Coach Tressel's staff sometime down the line, he said Coach Tressel is a friend, but he hasn't been approached or offered anything, nor has he been seeking anything.
  • Regarding rumors that Maurice Clarett and Prescott Burgess don't get along, Coach McDaniels said people are getting carried away and that it's overblown.  He said Prescott Burgess is not best friends with everyone in the Harding locker room now, nor was Maurice Clarett when he was there, but being teammates doesn't mean that you have to be best buddies.  Clarett and Burgess co-existed at Harding and would be able to do it again.
  • CB Mike Phillips has visited Iowa, will visit Pittsburgh this weekend and will also visit Boston College and Georgia Tech.  Coach McDaniels said that if OSU doesn't get who they are going after, they couldn't go wrong with Mike Phillips.
  • Coach McDaniels shared a humorous story about Maurice Clarett.  He said that Maurice really didn't like having to sit out with an injury, and he's such a competitor that after he returned and had to play with an injury, he called Coach McDaniels and complained, saying that he looked bad and ran like a sissy. 

Kirk Barton:

  • Kirk is a huge OSU fan. He's got the theme song playing in his house, the flag flying in his yard, and he said "I've been an OSU fan since I was born."
  • Kirk said OSU is making a huge effort in increasing total team speed.  They want to make it a speed team.
  • Kirk said he was very impressed with David Patterson at OSU camp and that he's really happy that David is a Buckeye.  He said David Patterson was even the best offensive lineman at camp.
  • Kirk said that if he was a betting man, he'd bet on Prescott Burgess being a Buckeye.

Special thanks to Kirk Barton and Coach McDaniels for the interviews!!!

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