Rea's Say: Going Back To The Graveyard

We have a huge entry this week with a ton of Ohio State-Michigan info, notes from Around the Country and a Fearless Forecast that features three Upset Specials. But we lead off with what has become an annual pilgrimage to a Columbus cemetery.

I wasn't going to go this year.

After all, it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Ohio State is going to beat Michigan. The Wolverines have lost eight games and the Buckeyes can pretty much name any final score they want to.

Then I thought of last year's Stanford-USC game. And that got me to thinking about the 1969 version of The Game when Ohio State was unbeaten in 22 games and got upset by first-year Michigan head coach.

So I got in my car like I always do during the week before the Ohio State-Michigan game and again drove past the simple two-story, white house on Cardiff Road.

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