Investigating the BSB Archives 11-22

Of course much of our weekly delve into the Buckeye Sports Bulletin archives deals with OSU-Michigan days gone by, but we also check in with the men's basketball team as well as the recruiting scene.

Jim Lachey made a name for himself as a blocker later in his career, but he could have been known for even more if a trick play had gone his way when Ohio State played Michigan in 1983.

"Lachey Right" as well as some other days that went wrong for Earle Bruce and John Cooper are covered here, as are happier days for Cooper (not to mention Joe Germaine and David Boston), a famous and clever protest by Jim O'Brien and the recruitment of former Troy standout Ryan Brewer.

Read about all that and more in the latest post in the Cus Words Blog.

Every week for the print edition of Buckeye Sports Bulletin, BSB staffer Marcus Hartman digs through our 27-plus-year archive for relevant things going on in the past. Here's some stuff that did not make the cut for the print edition but that was crying out to be shared nonetheless.

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