McVey Receives Buckeye Offer

Cleveland St. Ignatius star junior linebacker Scott McVey received a pleasant surprise late Monday night. McVey called Ohio State assistant coach Taver Johnson, and was told that the Buckeyes were offering a scholarship. Bill Greene has the latest on McVey.

It's hard to imagine a high school football player having a better 48-hour period than Cleveland St.Ignatius linebacker Scott McVey.

On Saturday night, McVey helped St. Ignatius win the Division-I state championship over Cincinnati Elder. McVey's tremendous defensive performance, one of the finest in state playoff history, was a key to the Wildcats amazing 21-13 victory.

Only two days after that special evening, came another great moment in McVey's life, as he learned that Ohio State has offered him a scholarship. The offer is the first for McVey.

"I've been in contact with [Buckeye assistant] Taver Johnson for the past few weeks," McVey told "I try to call him fairly often, and when I called him last night he just told me that Coach [Jim] Tressel was offering me a scholarship to Ohio State. We talked late Monday evening, and I had no idea that was coming. When he told me they were offering a scholarship, I wasn't sure I heard him right. I was totally shocked. It just hit me how great that was, because I've been a fan of Ohio State my whole life, and the thought of being able to play there is awesome. I haven't spoken to Coach Tressel yet, but I think I'm going to call him tonight. They put a written offer in the mail for me today."

Once the shock wore off, McVey wasted no time sharing the news to people close to him.

"When I got off the phone I went and told my dad," he continued. "Then I called my linebacker coach, Ryan Franzinger. He played at Ohio State, and he was just as excited as I was. My dad was really thrilled because we've been Ohio State fans our whole life. For this to be my first scholarship offer is really big."

McVey indicated he has no set time frame for making a decision, and said he is still open to offers from other schools.

"Ohio State is definitely the front-runner, but I'm still open to hearing from other schools," McVey said. "I want to get down to Ohio State and attend a bowl practice, but Boston College and Notre Dame are still in the picture for me. I will probably set up a time to get to Ohio State tonight when I call Coach Tressel. Coach Franzinger wants to go with me, and my dad will be going too. Our quarterback, Mark Myers, will probably be going with us. I'm looking forward to seeing the players practice, and talking with the Ohio State coaches. This has been an unbelievable past few days, and I'm not sure all this has hit me yet. I won't let all this get to my head though, because I know how hard I need to work this winter to be a better player. I owe my team that much."

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