Rea's Say: Fiesta or Sugar? Pick Your Poison

Whether it's the Arizona desert or the Big Easy, Ohio State fans may have a difficult time getting excited about traveling to their favorite team's bowl destination this year. See what we mean along with notes from Around the Country and the final Fearless Forecast of the 2008 regular season.

I don't want to look any gift horse in the mouth but if Ohio State is truly going to go to the Arizona desert for the fifth time in seven years, the Buckeyes had better do everything different this time.

No more staying at the palatial Scottsdale Princess hotel. No more practicing at Pinnacle High School in Scottsdale. No more white jerseys – wear the scarlet ones even if it means giving up one team timeout per half. And, please, please, please, no more midnight runs to In-N-Out Burger.

If we're reading the tea leaves correctly, it appears the Buckeyes are going to make another trek to the Fiesta Bowl this season and will probably play Texas. (That, of course, means everything has to go according to plan this weekend. Should Missouri somehow find a way to upset Oklahoma, all BCS bets are off.)

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