Penn State Left Out On Its Own Merits

There is a line of thinking out there that says the rest of the Big Ten has a hard time getting a fair shake in football rankings because of Ohio State's missteps on the national stage. In his blog, BSB staffer Marcus Hartman explains he has a hard time buying that.

It's true that OSU's struggles in the last two national title games and at Southern California have (deservedly) hurt the Big Ten's image, but wholly blaming the Buckeyes for rest of the conference's stature is an oversimplification. Getting trampled by Ohio State in almost every game since the start of the 2006 season hasn't done much for the Big Ten's rep, either.

A recent Wall Street Journal story blamed Ohio State for some of Penn State's plight, but let's not absolve the Nittany Lions from blame.

Instead, allow them and the Crimson Tide keep their debate to themselves. Ohio State has enough things to worry about with the Fiesta Bowl matchup with Texas on the horizon and an offensive line to rebuild (among other tasks) in the spring.

For an explanation of how the Nittany Lions earned their ranking all by themselves, read the latest post in the Cus Words Blog.

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