Boren Is Happy To Be A Buckeye

Pickerington Central linebacker Zach Boren has just completed his official visit to Ohio State. Boren, who committed to the Buckeyes last summer, finished his high school career as an All-Ohio selection. Bill Greene has the latest on the Boren visit.

Zach Boren has just completed his official visit to Ohio State, and he couldn't be happier about being a Buckeye. Boren, who suffered a knee injury in Central's last game, will be enrolling at Ohio State for winter quarter.

"I got injured in my last game of the playoffs," Boren said. "I tore my ACL, MCL and meniscus, and I had surgery last week that went real well. I am hoping to be walking without crutches within a week, and I should be full-go by June. I will be enrolling at Ohio State in three weeks, and will do my rehabilitation with the Ohio State people. Ohio State actually did my surgery. This doesn't mean I will red-shirt at all. I'm hoping to be ready to hit by fall. Ohio State is recruiting me as a middle linebacker, not a fullback, and I plan on taking reps in the fall at the position."

Boren's visit served to solidify his decision to become a Buckeye. He admitted the past weekend was a great time to socialize and build friendships with his future teammates.

"It was a lot of fun being with all the guys from my recruiting class," Boren said. "All the guys get along so well, and it was good for us to see how Ohio State does things. We went to practice on Saturday, and then we went to the basketball game. On Saturday night we all went out to dinner, and had a great time getting to know each other. I never really knew any of the guys in the recruiting class except for [Pickerington teammate] Jamie Wood. Now, I feel like I've known these guys forever. It's good to know I'm going in with great people, and great players."

In a strange twist, Boren was actually hosted by his older brother, Justin, a recent transfer from Michigan.

"My brother was my host for Friday, but on Saturday I was hosted by Jake Stoneburner," he said. "Jake and I have known each other for a long time, and it was great being with him, because he represents the university so well. We know a lot of the same people, and we get along really well, so it was great to be around Jake."

Boren has a great deal of respect for all the Buckeye coaches, but admitted to having a favorite on the staff.

"I really talked to all the coaches throughout the weekend," he said. "They're all good guys, and really fun to talk with. My main guy is [linebacker coach] Luke Fickell. Coach Fickell and I hung out together the whole weekend. He's a great guy, and I'm really looking forward to having him as my position coach. We have a great relationship already, and we speak pretty often."

Boren also spent some time with freshman quarterback sensation Terrelle Pryor, who he described as "one of the guys."

"I actually spent a lot of time with Terrelle this weekend," Boren said. "Terrelle went to dinner with all of us on Saturday night, and he was really working the uncommitted guys pretty hard. Terrelle is just one of the guys, not a big ego guy at all. I've hung out with Terrelle a lot through being around my brother. Justin and Terrelle spend a lot of time together, and they get along real well, so I've seen Pryor a lot. People bug him like crazy, but he takes it all in stride, and he's everybody's friend."

Justin Boren transferred to Ohio State after spending two seasons at Michigan, and the move raised a lot of eyebrows, but things are going quite well.

"Justin is doing great at Ohio State, and the guys accepted him right off the bat," the younger Boren said. "They're excited about him playing next year, and he's ready to go. We're pretty excited about both of us making our mark at Ohio State, and I'm not sure how many brothers have played together at Ohio State, so that's pretty cool."

Mike Boren, the boys' father, is understandably proud of his sons, but it must be strange seeing both of them playing at Ohio State, since Mike was a great player at Michigan.

"My dad is totally thrilled to have both of us at Ohio State," Boren said. "He takes a lot of kidding, but he's all Buckeye now. He's already started wearing Buckeye gear all over the place now. He definitely supports us all the way, and he's a great dad. We bought him a bunch of Ohio State stuff for his birthday, and he wears it all the time. We are clearly a Buckeye family all the way."

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