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All year long, we sort through random rumors and facts from good/not-so-good/horrible sources. And all year long, we sort the stuff out while trying to bring you information in a responsible way. I'm not sure what "responsible" means, anymore. That is, every time we are asked not to release information or comment on a rumor, someone else does it anyway, and then all we can do is nod mutely and say, "I knew that. Yeah, sure, I knew that, too!"

So, the gloves are coming off. Here are the best scoops and the best poop that we know about on subjects concerning the OSU recruiting scene. And if someone complains that we are revealing more info than we should…well, tell them to take it up with my boss.

Some of these pronouncements and predictions are quite bold. You can tell which ones those are because they are quite bold.

  1. Donte Whitner will announce that he is committing to Ohio State

         1(a) I also predict that, even though you heard it here first, another Midwestern recruiting guru will announce this same item within the next week and – once it then becomes official, he will assert that "As I was the first to predict…" Well, he wasn't.

   1(b) Whitner will make this announcement by Christmas

  1. Adam Graessle will be the next scholarship punter committing to OSU. The only items still needing work are 1) when he will commit and 2) which class year he will start his eligibility. If he can't be satisfied, he will then go elsewhere… An added bonus: Those into anagrams are encouraged to note the similarities between Andy Groom versus Adam Graessle
  1. Two of the top Division I high school players in the state of Ohio will transfer to play their senior years at another school. And both will transfer to the same school.
  1. John Kerr will transfer to OSU and he will announce it on February 13. He will become a famous walk-on linebacker, beloved by the fans for fulfilling his dream of wanting to be a Buckeye and for being a smash-mouth player. If you like the potential of AJ Hawk, you're gonna love John Kerr
  1. LeBron James will not play basketball or football for Ohio State. Perhaps that doesn't rate as news but here's my other prediction: LeBron has found bandages big enough to cover his tattoos, he might find pockets big enough to store all his money, but he won't ever find hats big enough to cover his head. This 17-year old already has his "posse' and the hangers-on are growing by the day. Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong…
  1. 1200 Bucknuts supporters will write me angry e-mails next year (down from the 1400 this year) declaring that Bucknuts has sold out because we charge for recruiting content that used to be free. I will explain (1200 times) that we have brought on new writers and staff (Dave Biddle, Evan Mercer and AT Buckeye, to name a few) and that they now provide both free and Club content and that none of this would be possible without some revenues and…Ironically, these same people will not complain that we advertise merchandise that they are not forced to buy; and they won't fully appreciate that distinction.
  1.      6(a) Web heads who have always thought that the internet was supposed to provide everything for free will - in 2003 - officially be declared to be "wrong"
  1.       6(b) Bucknuts will continue follow our "public television" model of providing mostly free content, along with Club subscriber content for those who wish to procure it. We will not use the PBS model of fundraising or commercials to keep us "free".
  1. Ernie Wheelwright will become a Buckeye and a really good one. But it won't be this year and it won't be until he spends some time (Fork Union?) to clean up his grades.
  1.  Dareus Hiley will announce that he is committing to Ohio State

     10(a) I also predict that, even though you heard it here first, another Midwestern recruiting guru will announce this same item within the next week and – once it then becomes official – he will assert that, "As I was the first to predict…" He wasn't. And I predict you are picking up a trend.

      10(b) Hiley will make this announcement by Christmas

  1. There will be at least two commitments of players that are not anywhere on our charts or on anyone else's radar screen until a couple days prior to the announcement. Why? Because we really don't know all the things that the coaching staff is considering. Believe it or not. And because Conley Tressel and Coach Conley don't always return our calls. And sometimes, neither do the kids…
  1. Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes will shock the world on January 3. The score? Sorry, Ernst and Young won't let me open that envelope…
  1. Prescott Burgess and Brandon Maupin will also commit to the Buckeyes. That means that Tressel has kept in-state 6 of the top 7 Ohio high school players this year. And it means that Michigan fell on its face again – twice, really – in Ohio. Once on the playing field and once again in the recruiting arena. Brady Quinn? My crystal ball is a little cloudier there but I can say that love is a Fickell thing…
  1. Michael Bush will become a Buckeye. I spoke with his father on Friday and Mr. Bush said, "He is leaning that way." When I asked Michael on Saturday why he was taking trips to USC and Oklahoma after declaring he wanted to stay close to home, he said "Hey – I can have some fun, can't I?" This family is sincere about their moral values and Coach Tressel really impressed them. This is a good kid and a Great Get.
  1. Reggie Smith will become a Buckeye and a surprisingly good one. Think about this: In two years, we will have a "no name" kid from Cleveland (Smith), a walk-on transfer from Indiana (Kerr) and a corporal from the Marines (Reynolds) all patrolling  linebacker positions for OSU.

So there you have it. Not exactly Academy Awards stuff, but I am ready for my acceptance speech when it gets around to that: I would like to thank my parents, my lovely wife and I'm glad my kids could stay up this late to see me accept all this responsibility. Now, everyone else, go back to bed!

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