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Toledo St. John's Jesuit star lineman Jack Mewhort took his official visit to Ohio State this past weekend. Mewhort not only took the time to be interviewed by about his visit, he also consented to answer questions submitted by members. Bill Greene caught up with Mewhort and filed this report.

Toledo St. John's Jesuit star offensive lineman Jack Mewhort just completed his official visit to Ohio State. Mewhort, who committed to the Buckeyes last December, spoke to about his visit, and also participated in a members only question and answer session. Here is the transcript of the Mewhort interview. Describe your visit to Ohio State. Mewhort: "My visit was awesome, and I had a great host in J.B. Shugarts. The best part was spending time with all the guys in my class. I'm going to be back there for classes in January, so it seemed kind of weird being there just for a weekend. It's hard to believe that the current Buckeye players will be my classmates in a few weeks. I love everything about Ohio State, and now it's time to get it on."

buckatborder asks: Who is your favorite Buckeye lineman other than yourself? What is your best subject in the classroom? How is your health these days? Mewhort: "I have to say Alex Boone or Justin Boren. My best subject would be history. I strained the ACL in my knee, but like a dummy I kept playing on it. I'm probably 95 percent right now, and I need to be smart about things, like not playing basketball. I will be 100 percent for spring football."

buckeyebauer88 asks: What number are you going to wear next year? Will you be red-shirting? Mewhort: "If Mike Adams takes No. 75, then I will wear No. 74. Coach Bollman said we won't know about redshirting until after the fourth game. If I haven't played by then, I will redshirt."

BuckeyeinIll asks What position will you play at Ohio State? Mewhort: "Coach Bollman told me I will be starting out at right tackle. He said he wants to see how I do on the outside, and if it doesn't work out, he will be putting me back inside, at center or guard."

drewlaw00buck asks: How important is it to play with a nasty streak? Who is the best player you've seen live? What are you doing this off-season to get better? Mewhort "Playing with a nasty streak is the No. 1 attribute of any offensive lineman. You can't be soft and compete as an offensive lineman. It's not possible. Erik Howard is the best player I've ever played against. Howard was a monster against us last year in the playoffs. I'm working on explosiveness mostly. I'm doing everything I can to stay in shape, like flipping tires and pulling sleds. I'm doing a lot of Olympic weight lifting, and I'm working on quickness and agility. I want to report in great shape."

OSUwhore1 asks Better pass blocker or run blocker? Max bench? Squat? Do they time you with a stopwatch, or a sundial? What will you study at OSU? Would your teachers say you are a good student? Mewhort "I think I'm about the same at both pass blocking and run blocking. I need to improve at both. I'm not a great knee-bender right now, and I'm working on that. I don't try to show off on the bench for fear of shoulder injuries, but I'm good at 350. I squat around 490. I'll probably study business at Ohio State. My teachers would probably say I'm a funny kid that needs to study more."

buckatborder [once again] asks If you were Nevadabuck would you throw out the === sign for Marlon Brown? Mewhort: "Wow, I could never be Nevadabuck [laughs]. Marlon did come here on his own, after an official visit earlier in the year. I would say "Yes." If I'm wrong, just blame Nevadabuck. [More laughter]."

royalte asks: What music do you listen to before the game? Mewhort: "I listen to TNT, by AC/DC. I love that."

jak099 asks: What are your current measurables, and are you still growing in height? Mewhort: "Right now I'm 6-foot-6, and I weigh around 290 pounds. I think I'm done growing taller."

buckwild23 asks: What coach recruited you for Ohio State? Mewhort: "It was pretty much "Doc" Tressel and Jim Bollman all the way. Coach Bollman is my man. Early in my junior year, Jim Tressel visited the school, but I thought he might have been lost after going to see someone else."

cjdjbucknuts asks: Being from Toledo, how much pressure was there to go to Michigan? Mewhort: "Not too much really. There might be an occasional person that says something, but most people understand if you are an Ohio boy, you want to be a Buckeye. In my circle of people, there wasn't anyone wanting me to go to Michigan."

BirmBuckeye: Did coach Pearson give you any lip in choosing Ohio State? Did he try to sway you to Michigan? What did you do to beat Michigan today? "No, not at all. Coach Pearson loves the Ohio State staff, and I felt all along that he wanted me to go to Ohio State over Michigan. He is a Michigan fan, but he knows the Ohio State staff is awesome, and he knows I couldn't have done any better than Ohio State. To beat Michigan, I guess you could say I worked my [tail] off in the weight room this afternoon."

Nevadabuck asks: Who is more handsome, Nevadabuck or Bill Greene? Mewhort: "{Laughs loudly]. That's real easy. Obviously, it's Nevadabuck. Nevadabuck is also smarter, funnier, taller and way more cool. Totally no contest. [Still laughing]. Nevadabuck is a legend to the recruits that follow recruiting closely, and we are on here all the time looking for the next ==. Sometimes we joke that he has our phones tapped."

chex1868 asks: Who is the best defensive lineman you've ever faced? Mewhort: "That would be John Hiles, from Columbus DeSales. I played against him last year, and he was tremendous. He was a great high school wrestler, and he was a nose guard. We had some great battles, and he won some, and I won some. I think he's at Ohio State right now on a wrestling scholarship."

sevy1 asks: Who do you model your game after? How do you psyche yourself up for games? Mewhort: "I love the way Jake Long plays the game. I want to be like him. He's a Diesel, and a great lineman. I want to be like him some day. To psyche myself up for games I usually stay pretty quiet, and try to get off by myself. I try to concentrate on doing my job, without having any distractions."

mbartlet asks: What current Buckeye are you most excited to be playing with? Mewhort: "Obviously, Terrelle Pryor. He is The Man. He is the guy who's going to put rings on our fingers. Of the linemen, I'm excited to be playing with Mike Brewster, Justin Boren, Mike Adams and J.B. Shugarts."

drpen asks: Who's your favorite dentist? Mewhort: "My favorite dentist is Peter Nessis. He's the best in the business."

chuangtsu asks What areas of your game need the most work? Who is the leader of the class? Who are you closest to in the class? Mewhort: "I have to say it's playing lower. I need to work on bending at the knee, and that's something I'll be working on as soon as I get to Ohio State. That will make me a better player. The leader of our class is Storm Klein. He's the guy keeping everybody up to date on who we're recruiting. He's the social butterfly of the group. I'm really close to Corey Linsley and Melvin Fellows. I'll be with Melvin in Orlando, and it will be fun being with him at Ohio State."

cmacmaine asks: Do you have a wallet that says "Bad MF", like Samuel Jackson? Mewhort: "No, but I should get one. [Laughs]. bucklover asks: What school recruited you hardest, and what did they say about OSU to get you interested in them? Mewhort: "I guess it was Michigan State, but they never said anything bad about Ohio State. Coach [Mark] Dantonio loves Jim Tressel, and he was a great guy to get to know."

luvosu asks: When do you expect to start on the offensive line? Mewhort: "That's really too tough to answer. I would love to be a solid contributor by my second year in the program, either as a starter or as a key backup."

johngrzy asks: Which is better, Tony Packos or Stanley's Kielbasa? What is your favorite pizza place in Toledo? Mewhort: "I really like Tony Packos a lot. My favorite pizza place is Gino's, and it's located on Alexis Road. Awesome buffet, and I'm there every Monday night eating like a pig."

buckscout asks: How many Chipotle burritos can you consume in one setting? Mewhort: "Only one, before I feel like I'm gonna puke all over the table. I always eat them too fast, like a pig, and usually start to get sick before I get to a second one."

VBCoach asks: Although committed to Ohio State, why did you continue to attend camps and combines? What current OSU player has had the most positive influence on you, and what advice did he give you? Mewhort: "I attended combines to see how I stacked up to guys like Marcus Hall. I'm not stupid. I'm on the forums, and I see the things people say about me, and I went to try to prove them wrong. I'm too fat, and I can't move, so I went to Cincinnati and ran a good shuttle time, and a good forty time. I wanted to show the national guys that I'm a pretty good prospect. I told my dad that we needed to be at all the camps, so I could prove myself worthy of an Ohio State offer. My main guy is Mike Brewster. The best advice he gave me was to follow what he did. He said to work my [tail] off, and then go back and work some more. He started as a true freshman, so I'm taking him very seriously." Jack, thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions from our members. Mewhort: "Thank you for all you've done for me. Tell the readers that I appreciate all their support, and while I never post, I'm on here just about every day. Thanks, again. Go Bucks."

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