McVey Talks Recruiting After Buckeye Visit

Cleveland St. Ignatius junior linebacker Scott McVey attended the first Ohio State junior day on Saturday. McVey, who was offered by the Buckeyes following a dominating state title game performance, took the time to participate in a question and answer session with Bill Greene following his visit.

Greene: Scott, tell us how your visit went today. McVey: "It went great today. I got to meet with the coaches, and see how Ohio State practices. It was great being able to compare myself to the other Ohio State players. It was a positive experience."

Greene: As you watched practice, what position, or player, did you concentrate on observing? McVey: "I just watched all the linebackers. I watched all the drills they do, and how they react to different situations. I see myself playing at one of the outside linebacker spots, but I'm not against playing the middle. I spoke to Coach [Luke] Fickell after practice and he told me how they like to move people around to confuse defenses. Coach Fickell talked about Ohio State, and how every player has to earn playing time there. He talked about how playing at Ohio State could be a great experience for me. I don't know him real well, but Coach Fickell seemed like a great guy."

Greene: Did you get a chance to speak to Jim Tressel today at all? McVey: "Yes, Coach Tressel and I got to speak for a while after practice. He's such a great guy to be around, and there's really nothing bad anyone could say about him. He didn't pressure me to commit at all. He told me there was no rush to make a decision, and he wanted me to make the right decision for myself."

Greene: Scott, what sort of timetable do you have for making a decision on your college choice? McVey: "I really don't have a certain time frame in mind, but I'm probably going to be making my decision before next season. I'm in no rush to make a quick decision, and I'm not feeling any pressure to get it over with."

Greene: You have other offers, and schools are still recruiting you, so who are you still considering at this point? McVey: "Boston College is a team I'm still considering, and maybe Notre Dame, but I'm not sure about them. Ohio State is still a school I'm really impressed with, and they will be hard to beat."

Greene: If Notre Dame called you tonight and offered you a scholarship, would that play a factor in your decision? McVey: "Maybe a little, I mean, I might go visit there, but it's going to be hard for them, or anyone, to compete with Ohio State."

Greene: What has your high school coach, Chuck Kyle, said to you about the recruiting process? McVey: "Coach Kyle will support me wherever I decide to go, because that's the kind of man he is. He just wants to see that I make the right decision for myself. When we spoke about Ohio State, he told me I would be real pleased, should I decide to go there. He really encouraged me about Ohio State, and he told me I can play there."

Greene: As you watched Ohio State practice today, in preparation for their bowl game against Texas, how would you describe the approach by the players? McVey: "It was definitely intense. You could see the emotion and the intensity, and I could see they will definitely be ready to play. It was fun seeing them getting ready for Texas. They had a great practice."

Greene: What's the next step for you in recruiting? McVey: "I've started working out again, and track will start once we return from Christmas break. I plan on visiting Ohio State again in the spring. I might go see Boston College this spring, and we will see what happens from there."

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