Klein Speaks With BSB Subscribers

Ohio State commit Storm Klein is just days away from realizing his dream of starting his college life as a Buckeye. Klein, who will enroll at Ohio State in January, took the time to answer questions put forth by BSB subscribers. Bill Greene conducted the interview with Klein.

Greene: This will be the last interview I will do with you as a recruit. Is it hard to believe your high school career is over?

Klein: "It is hard to believe, but I'm ready to get started on the next part of my football career. We've done a lot of interviews, haven't we? It's been a lot of fun, and I appreciate all you've written about me."

diznick asks: Do you want to play running back?

Klein: "I wouldn't turn down the opportunity, but looking at my future, my best chance to play in the NFL would be as a linebacker. I will play where I can help the team the most, but I think I'm a linebacker."

BirmBuckeye asks: Which recent Buckeye linebacker do you think your style of play compares to?

Klein: "I would say Bobby Carpenter, but that's hard to say. I think our measurables are pretty similar."

kbgobucks3 asks: Do you post on the Internet under any other screen name?

Klein: "No. I don't do that. I let Bill do that for me [laughter]. Just kidding. Really, I kind of laugh at the stuff people write on the internet, and I don't post at all."

semperfibuck asks: How long have you followed Buckeye football? How much do you know about Ohio State football history?

Klein: "I've followed Ohio State ever since I knew about football. Once I realized I lived in Ohio, and I knew this was our team, I started getting hooked. I actually know a lot about the history of Ohio State. I read a lot about the teams of the past."

bucklover asks: Who finishes out this recruiting class? My guess is Hall, Boyd and Brown.

Klein: "That's pretty optimistic, and I like the way you think. If we could get two of those guys it would be great. Most likely I'd say we wouldn't get all three, but I wouldn't be shocked to land all of them."

MagicBuc asks: Did you recruit any of the 2009 class? Who is the best recruiter in the 2009 class?

Klein: "I wouldn't call it recruiting other players. It's more just being friends with other guys. If you become friends with them, then the rest falls into place. The two guys I really went after were John Simon and Melvin Fellows. This program sells itself and people want to be part of it. We all do our fair share, and I would call it a group effort."

johnnyschmidt asks: What are your expectations of playing next year?

Klein: "I'm going to be optimistic going in, and I think I'm going to be on the field somewhere. I know there will be a lot of great players competing, but I'm planning on fighting for time. If I have to red-shirt, I'm okay with that."

Buckeyebeef asks: Has the staff discussed the possibility of playing running back at Ohio State? Klein: "They have kind of mentioned it, but I don't think it's too serious. I don't think I'll be playing running back. Anything can happen, but I think I'm going to be a linebacker. I know Ted Ginn came in as a defensive back, and look what happened there."

OSU1 asks: What are you going to study? What is your core GPA? Are you enrolling early? Will you take summer classes? What made you stand out at summer camp?

Klein: "I'm not sure about what to study, but it could be business or sports management. I just finished with a 3.62 GPA. I am enrolling on January 5th. I will take summer classes, and the coaches really encourage that. I'm not sure what made me stand out at camp. Probably my combination of size and speed. I know they liked my work ethic, and how I went about my business."

buckeyebauer88 asks: What number will you wear at Ohio State, and is there anything significant about any number?

Klein: "That's a good question. I've put my choices in at 49, 46, 13 and 33. I'm not sure I want 33, because that is James Laurinaitis, and that might be embarrassing. I think I want my own number, and not one of the famous numbers."

UAGoldenBuckeye asks: What aspect of Jim Heacock's defense impresses you the most?

Klein: "That's a great question. I'd have to say the fact that I love the level of effort he gets out of the players. They play fast, and everybody knows where they're supposed to be. You have to be a smart football player to be on the field for Coach Heacock, and there is no margin for error."

Brutus4President asks: Which player are you most excited to see play at Ohio State?

Klein: "That's a really tough question to answer. Of the uncommitted guys, I'm excited to see Marlon Brown, because he has a chance to be a star. Of the committed guys, I'd say John Simon, Melvin Fellows and Justin Green. Once Melvin gets on the Ohio State weight program, he will be a great football player. Jamie Wood has a chance to be really good, and he's one I can't wait to see."

BuckJ1 asks: I was wondering how life has been for you since you committed to Ohio State?

Klein: "It's been really good, but for the most part I'm just a normal teenager. When I go to talk to younger kids, they listen to me because I'm going to Ohio State. I know people watch you, and look for you to make a mistake, but that goes with the territory of being a Buckeye football player."

royalte asks: What music do you listen to before games? Who were your five favorite Buckeye players growing up?

Klein: "I listen to a lot of stuff, mostly it's rap, but I mix it up. Sometimes it might be rock. My five favorite Buckeyes would be guys like Eddie George, Archie Griffen, Chris Speilman, Andy Katzenmoyer, A.J. Hawk and Bobby Carpenter. I guess that was six, but there have been so many great players come through Ohio State, and it's hard to narrow it down."

buckeye1976 asks: Why were you only a four-star recruit?

Klein: "I really don't know, maybe you should ask Bill [laughter]. There are a lot of great players out there, and I'm not too wrapped up in that stuff. I didn't attend the national camps last year, so maybe that hurt my ranking, but a four star isn't too bad."

louieq asks: Current height and weight?

Klein: "Another good question, and I really don't know, because it's been a while since I've been measured. I would say I'm a little taller than 6-foot-3. My weight fluctuates between 220-pounds and 227-pounds. It will be interesting to see how I measure at Ohio State."

chex1868 asks: What linebacker position do you prefer? How were you able to play so well in the 2007 playoffs with a serious injury? Best player you've seen at camps? Best player you've seen in the 2010 class?

Klein: "I don't really care where I play. Being inside is cool, but I have the speed to play outside linebacker too. The coaches tell me to watch the SAM and the MIKE positions. When I got hurt [lacerated kidney] I knew it was painful, but I didn't know what it was. It was for state championship, so I would say it was a combination of adrenalin and determination. I never thought about coming out. The best player I saw at camp was Ted Ginn, when he walked by me at Ohio State [laughter]. Really, I liked Jordan Whiting, Adam Homan, Adam Bellamy and John Simon the best. In the 2010 class, I really like Jamel Turner a lot."

BuckeyeBash22 asks: Why did your parents name you Storm? Did you feel pressure to help recruit the 2009 class? Who are you closest to of the 2009 commits?

Klein: "My dad just wanted a name that was different, and Storm was the pick. I didn't feel pressure to help recruit other kids, but Coach [Jim] Tressel really encouraged it. He wanted me to be a leader, and become friendly with the other recruits. I'm really close to a lot of people, and it kind of changes all the time. My best friends are John Simon, Jamie Wood, Justin Green, Adam Bellamy, Adam Homan, and a lot of different guys really. We all talk all the time, and I'm tight with everyone."

mojobanger asks: Who was the toughest player you played against last year, and is he going to Ohio State? What area do you need to work on?

Klein: "The toughest player is hard to answer. I'd probably say it was DeVoe Torrence, when I was a sophomore. He hurt us badly, both on offense and defense. He was just a tough, tough kid, and a great football player. DeVoe might be the best player I've ever played against. I need to work on the mental part of the game. I need to become a student of the game, and learn every part of the defense. I want to learn the defensive schemes, and know what I'm supposed to do all the time."

DontSitOnTheHood asks: What player would you compare your style to? Who do you admire? What's the hardest you ever got hit? The hardest you ever hit anyone?

Klein: "It's hard for me to compare myself to other players, but probably Bobby Carpenter. I admire guys like Brian Urlacher, and I like the hard-nosed players. The hardest I ever got hit is easy, and Bill is laughing at me, because he knows what I'm going to say. It was Devoe Torrence, in the playoffs, when I was a sophomore. He hit me on the goal line, and caused me to fumble. It was a big turning point in the game, and it was a great hit on his part. He met me in the hole, and it didn't hurt at all, but he really got me good. I'm not sure about my hardest hit. I would say it was the game in the playoffs in 2007, against Northwest. There were hard hits being delivered on every play, and I'm pretty proud of how I played that night, both on offense and defense. That might have been the most physical game I've ever played in."

BuckeyeNatural asks: Of all the commits, which do you feel was the most hardcore natural Buckeye from birth? How important is it to have Buckeye roots in recruiting?

Klein: "That would be Adam Homan, or Jamie Wood. It's important to have roots already established, because that's how you get raised from birth. It's not always real important, because Simon was a Notre Dame guy, but we got him turned around. It sure isn't Zach Boren [laughter]. For me, Ohio State just felt right, because it was always my team."

BruteBuckeye asks: Excluding Ohio State, which school and coach impressed you the most during recruiting? What was the biggest factor in committing to Ohio State?

Klein: "I really liked Nebraska, and how they do things. They're down right now, but I feel Bo Pellini will get things turned around. I have a lot of respect for Coach Pellini. Ohio State was in my heart since I was a kid. I never considered any other school."

Buckeyelll asks: Who is your favorite current Buckeye player? Who have you connected with the most on the team?

Klein: "Oh man, I have to careful who I say [laughter], but probably Ross Homan is a guy I really like watching. He's really fundamentally sound, and he's always in position. I'm closest to Homan and Justin Boren. Those two were the guys I hung out with on my official visit, and we just hit it off really well."

Greene: On behalf of our subscribers, I want to thank you and wish you all the best in your career at Ohio State.

Klein: "They are welcome, and I really appreciate that. This was fun. I hope my article comes out better than [Jack] Mewhort's [laughter]. You should do more of these articles, because the fans ask better questions [more laughter]."

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