Berry's Mother Talks With BSB Subscribers

Five-star tailback Jaamal Berry is one of the top players in the 2009 Ohio State recruiting class. Berry from Miami (Fla.) Palmetto committed to Ohio State in late August while visiting with his mother, Eartha. Eartha Berry has consented to answer questions put forth by BSB subscribers. Bill Greene has more.

Ohio State landed an early verbal commitment from Jaamal Berry. His mother, Eartha, took the time to answer questions from premium subscribers at Here is a transcript. Greene: Eartha, thanks for taking the time to chat with our members. We appreciate the fact that you are willing to join us. Eartha: "No problem at all. I'm on the site at least once a week, and it's good to be able to talk to the Ohio State fans."

kbgobucks3 asks: When is Jaamal taking his standardized tests? Eartha: "Jaamal took his ACT test a few weeks ago. We haven't gotten the results yet."

OSUmdFAN asks: What is the recipe for the famous red velvet cake? Eartha: "That recipe is an ancient Chinese secret, and I never give it out [laughing]."

14andoh asks: Can you tell us about your thoughts on Jim Tressel? Eartha: "Coach Tressel is a very honest man, and I like him very much. He keeps the line of communication open at all times, and I appreciate that very much as a parent."

Buckeye111 asks: What is it that made you and Jaamal fall in love with Ohio State? Is Frankie Telfort coming to Ohio State? Eartha: "I really liked the facilities, and the fact that the coaches were so honest with us. I felt comfortable with everything once I got up there and met with everyone. We both just had a great feeling about Ohio State. I have no clue about Frankie Telfort, but Jaamal might know a little bit."

aurorabuckeye asks: What will Jaamal do with his life after football? What is he good at besides football? Eartha: "He will be a success after football, but we still have to see where he will be. I can't answer that now. He is really good at respecting his mom, and that means a lot to me."

HotMic asks: Why are you such a big Florida fan? Eartha: "Being from Florida, it just was a team I liked. The same as an Ohio resident rooting for the Buckeyes. But Jaamal is a Buckeye now, and I am too."

Bux42 asks: What was your favorite part of your Ohio State visit? Eartha: "I didn't see much of the city, but my favorite part was meeting all the people associated with the team. I really liked the people we met."

Bucknut27 asks: Why is he visiting Ole Miss and Florida? Do you want him to stay closer to home? Eartha: "It's a matter of respect. He promised those coaches he would visit, when they first started recruiting him. He should honor his promise. He wants to just go there out of the respect they showed him. It won't change his mind at all. Of course, as a mom I want him close to me as possible, but I still will support my son, and his decision 100%. He needs to be where he's comfortable, and I have to adjust to that."

buckatborder asks: Do you plan to attend all home games, or most of them? Eartha: "[laughing] I'm coming to most of them, but I'm not sure about all of them. That might get too expensive."

clevbuck asks: What is it about the Ohio State that you love? Eartha: "The coaches were very important to me, and to Jaamal. I don't know much about the city, because I didn't see much. I liked everything I saw, and I trust the people at Ohio State."

goosemeister asks: What is the best trait you have instilled in Jaamal? Is there any embarrassing story you could tell about him? Eartha: "I've taught him to always be honest. I would never say anything to embarrass my son, but his nickname is JuJu."

OSU1 asks: What is it that convinced Jaamal to commit to Ohio State? What are you most proud of? Eartha: "The connection with the coaches impressed him a lot. He just felt like that was the right place for him. I'm very proud of how he has developed as a person, and I'm proud of all he's achieved. He's just a very good person, and I'm proud of him in every way. He's never given me any trouble at all."

fotownbuckeye asks: What's the strangest thing a college coach has ever said to you or Jaamal? Which coaches have made the biggest impact on you, other than the Ohio State coaches? What number will Jaamal be wearing at Ohio State? Eartha: "I had one coach call the house at 1:00 in the morning to offer Jaamal a scholarship. We were all asleep, and we were stunned they called so late. I really like Urban Meyer and Houston Nutt, because both men are so honest to speak with. I hope Jaamal wears #5 at Ohio State."

jerryk asks: What areas of study is Jaamal interested in? Eartha: "I believe he is most interested in business right now, but that could change down the road."

drewlawooBuck asks: What would you say is Jaamal's biggest attribute? Eartha: "I'm not a football person, so I would just say his running ability."

MYLESHOOK01 asks: What's the one thing you worry about sending your son so far north? Eartha: "Just that he won't be close enough for me to get to him if there was a problem, but that's just a parent. I really don't worry much."

mbartlet asks: How often do you read the Scout message boards? Eartha: "I would say I read them about once a week to see what people are saying. At first, it was hurtful to read the bad things people make up, but I've learned to ignore the stuff that just isn't true."

buckatborder asks: When did you know Jaamal was going to be a special football player? Eartha: "As soon as he started playing as a young boy, I could tell he was pretty good at it. He was always a good player, even when he was very young."

sklopr asks: Is Jaamal excited to be playing with Terrelle Pryor? Eartha: "Isn't everybody excited about Terrelle Pryor? Of course he is, but he likes all the Ohio State players. He's just excited to be part of the team."

Kirtland asks: What will be your signature outfit so the camera can find you? Eartha: "What will I be wearing? I don't know. I really haven't thought about that, probably something with Ohio State on it."

mike68 asks: If I give you my address, can you send me one of the red velvet cakes? Eartha: "Of course I will. You just let Bill know, and make Bill pay for the shipping [laughter]."

fasrnu asks: Which of the commits does Jaamal talk to? Eartha: "I think he talks to everybody, players at Ohio State, other recruits, and players at other schools. Jaamal just likes people."

HudsonBuck asks: Who does Jaamal know the best on the Ohio State roster? What career goals does Jaamal have? Eartha: "He's friends with just about everybody, like Beanie Wells. I know Etienne Sabino and Travis Howard are friends with him also. I can see Jaamal owning his own business some day, and he would like that."

BizzNasty asks: Will you ever relocate to Ohio? Eartha: "I wouldn't really think so, but you never know. For now, I don't have any plans to move to Ohio."

TheKaiser21 asks: How impressed were you with the atmosphere at Ohio State? How much pressure was there for him to stay in Florida? Eartha: "I really enjoyed both visits to Ohio State, even though one time was extremely hot, and then we froze at the Michigan game. There wasn't any pressure for Jaamal to stay in Florida to go to college."

toledobuck asks: What are Jaamal's goals for next season? Eartha: "I think he just wants to do well at Ohio State, both on and off the football field. The first year will be mostly about fitting in, and learning the system."

Rovers asks: Does Jaamal know how Ohio State plans on using him? Eartha: "I would have no idea about that, but I'm sure he has talked about that with "Doc" Tressel. They speak pretty often, but I'm not sure if they've discussed his role next year with the team."

MagicBuck asks: Have you met the parents of some of the other players? Do they seem to have a family atmosphere at Ohio State? Eartha: "Yes, I have met a lot of the parents of the players, and they all seem like very nice people. Ohio State definitely has created a family atmosphere within their team, and Jaamal and I both noticed that right away. I'm sure that's how Coach Tressel wants it to be, and we both felt right at home in Ohio."

longtoothbuck asks: Did the Palmetto area suffer damage in 1992 from Hurricane Andrew? What does Jaamal like to do away from football? Eartha: "Yes, the area was damaged by Hurricane Andrew, but that was before I lived around here. Jaamal likes to work out, and spend time with his friends and family. Football is very important to him, and mostly he does things to make him better."

buckeye62 asks: I've heard Jaamal is so fast that he races kids from other towns, and he's never lost a race. Is this true? Eartha: "[Laughing] I've never heard about that. Who asked that question? Where did they come up with that? I don't think so."

expresblfc asks: How many red velvet cakes has Bill Greene eaten? Eartha: "None yet, but some day he's going to get one of the red velvet cakes as a present."

AtlantaBuck asks: Have you read "The Winner's Manual", and what did you think of it? Eartha: "Yes, I do have it, but I've only read a very small portion of it so far. I can tell it's going to be very good."

buckwild23 asks: Denzel Washington or Wesley Snipes? Who is cooler, Bill Greene or Nevadabuck? Eartha: "What did they want to know [laughing]? Did someone really ask that question? I'd say Denzel. I think they're getting a little silly now [laughter]. Oh, Bill Greene is cooler, no doubt about it [laughter]."

stxbuck asks: Why did you decide to send Jaamal to Palmetto? Eartha: "Palmetto is a wonderful school district, and it was the best choice for Jaamal. It's one of the best schools in Florida, and that was the main reason we moved up there. I love the Palmetto school district, and it was the best place for Jaamal by far. We were very happy with the education Jaamal has received at Palmetto."

Greene: Eartha, thank you so much for taking this time to answer these questions. Eartha: "Oh, it was no problem at all, and tell everyone I said hello."

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