Corey Brown Speaks With BSB Subscribers

Ohio State recruit Corey Brown of Monroeville (Pa.) Gateway just completed a fantastic weekend where he played in the U.S. Army All-American Game in San Antonio. Brown also took the time to answer questions posed by BSB subscribers. Bill Greene has the latest on Brown. Check to see if Corey answered your question.

Greene: Corey, thanks for taking the time to do this interview.
Brown: "No problem. This should be a lot of fun."

cmacmaine asks: Corey, will you play offense or defense at Ohio State?
Brown: "I'm not real sure. I talked with Coach [Luke] Fickell today, and we talked about playing wide receiver and defensive back."

Buckeye111 asks: What did you hurt on the touchdown catch from Tajh Boyd? What are the chances of Boyd committing to Ohio State?
Brown: "I fell and hit my head on the ground, and I blacked out for a couple seconds. I was fine in no time, and it was no big deal. I think the chances are very good that Boyd will come to Ohio State. I know a lot of us we're talking up Ohio State to him at the game."

Brutus4President asks: When did you know you wanted to be a Buckeye?
Brown: "Probably around the eighth grade. I always loved Ted Ginn, and I've always liked the Buckeyes."

OSUmdFAN asks: What were your thoughts on some of the players at the All-American game, like Tajh Boyd, Marcus Hall and Morgan Moses?
Brown: "Boyd is a great quarterback, and he has great touch on the football. Moses has great size, he's really big. Marcus Hall is a great lineman. All three are really good players, and all of them worked real hard."

SoCal0Buck asks: What college or pro player does your game most resemble?
Brown: "That's a really tough question, but offensively I'd say Plaxico Burress. Not off the field at all, but I think I can go get the football in traffic like he does. Defensively, I'd probably say Chris Gamble, and a lot of people say that I'm like him. Maybe I can play both ways at Ohio State."

cmquest asks: Who was the best defensive back you went against in San Antonio?
Brown: "Definitely, it was Brandon McGee from Florida. He was really good, and had great technique."

jwill19osu asks: What drew you to Ohio State, the facilities, the coaches, or other reasons?
Brown: "I loved everything about Ohio State, all the things you mentioned, plus the tradition and the great fan support."

diznick asks: Do you have a preference about playing wide receiver or defensive back?
Brown: "I'll play both if they will let me. It really doesn't matter to me. I just want to do what I can to help the team, and I'll play where the coaches tell me to play."

drewhoward09 asks: How did you feel waiting on the Ohio State offer? How did it feel when it finally came?
Brown: "I wasn't sure they were going to offer me, but when they finally told me that Coach [Jim] Tressel wanted me to call him, because he wanted to offer me, I was really excited. This was the one offer I really wanted."

FunkMastaBuck asks: Where do you think Tajh Boyd ends up going to college?
Brown: "Hopefully with the Buckeyes [laughing], but I honestly don't know. I know he has another visit left, and we have to see how it all works out."

diznick asks: Do you consider yourself a leader? Are you vocal with your teammates?
Brown: "Yes, I think I am a leader, but I try to lead by example. This year, at Gateway, I probably was more vocal than I usually am."

fotownbuckeye asks: What number will you be wearing and why? Any nicknames? What was the best, and worst, part of the recruiting process?
Brown: "I'd like to wear number two, or number three. I know if I wear two I can't play offense. I just like the single digit numbers. I don't have any nicknames. The worst part of recruiting was the coaches showing up at school at all times of the day. The best part was just knowing that D-I schools knew about you. I also met people that I've watched on television before."

MFTodd asks: What hobbies do you have? What is your favorite subject in school? What do you want to do after football?
Brown: "I mostly like hanging out with my friends, and doing things with them. I like Social Studies a lot. I'm really not sure about a career after football just yet."

SoCal0Buck asks: Who's going to score the first touchdown at Ohio State, you or Dorian Bell?
Brown: "Now that one is real easy. It will be me [laughing], because I will be playing offense a lot, or I might get an interception for a touchdown."

PawBuck asks: Can you talk about the Ohio State coaches that recruited you, and what part did Coach Tressel play in your recruiting?
Brown: "Coach Fickell recruited me, and he's a great guy. We get along real well. Coach Tressel is a great coach, and someone I trust a lot. He's a great leader, and all the players respect him a lot."

MYLESHOOK01 asks: Are there any juniors at Gateway that Ohio State should look at, and do you and Dorian try to work on them to come to Ohio State?
Brown: "There are three or four juniors that have a chance to get recruited by Ohio State. We do what we can, but it's little early for that. Our coach [Terry Smith] likes Ohio State, and is pretty tight with Coach Tressel."

cmquest asks: What's playing on your MP3 player before games?
Brown: "Mostly some rap music, probably Lil Wayne."

drewlaw00Buck asks: Who do you model your game after? What is your forty time?
Brown: "I'm not sure I pattern my game after anyone. I like a lot of players, but it's all about me getting the most out of my ability. I need to do the things that make me a better player, not what someone else needs to do. I'm not sure about a forty time, because I haven't ran one in a long time. I'm more about game speed, rather than track speed."

buckeyeinlakeland asks: What are your thoughts on playing early, or redshirting, and what side of the ball would you make an impact earlier?
Brown: "I want to play early, and I don't want to redshirt. It's hard to say where the coaches will want me to play first."

MagicBuc asks: Does your wallet say "Dual Threat Badass" on it?
Brown: "Are you kidding me [laughing]? Yes, it does [more laughter]."

Buckeyebeef asks: Who's better on NCAA on 360, or PS3, you or Dorian?
Brown: "That's easy, it's me. He can't beat me. No chance [laughing]."

DontSitOnTheHood asks: Who's the best player you've ever played against? Which campus has the best looking girls?
Brown: "I played against Patrick Hall, from California, in the Army game. He was really good, and I can see why USC wanted him. I'll tell you about the girls after I see a lot of Ohio State [laughing]."

scudx31624 asks: What makes you such a good player?
Brown: "That's tough to answer, but I'd say most schools liked my combination of size and speed. I think it's my work ethic."

WuTang4Eva asks: Who hates Michigan more, you or Dorian?
Brown: "We both don't like Michigan, but Dorian hates them more than I do [laughter]. He really hates them."

partypaul asks: Are you a Steelers fan, and how will they do in the playoffs?
Brown: "Yes, I like the Steelers. I think they will do well in the playoffs, and make it to the Super Bowl."

luvosu asks: What are going to major in at Ohio State?
Brown: "I'm just not sure about my major at this time. There are a couple different things I'm interested in, but I will see how things go at Ohio State first."

TheKaiser21 asks: What about the atmosphere at Ohio State? What was the ultimate reason you chose Ohio State? How would you compare the facilities to other schools? What are your goals at Ohio State?
Brown: "The atmosphere at Ohio State is unbelievable, and I can't wait to play there. The Ohio State facilities were the best, no doubt about it. The main reason I chose Ohio State was because of Coach Tressel. I want to win a national championship at Ohio State. I'd like to play all four years, and hopefully, be an All-American some day."

chex1868 asks: Were you actively recruited by Penn State? Do you think Coach Paterno's unclear future is hurting recruiting? Who do you think wins, Florida or Oklahoma?
Brown: "Yes, Penn State recruited me. Coach Paterno is doing a great job in recruiting, and they had a great year this year. I think Florida is going to win that game."

dplaw asks: Did you return punts and/or kicks in high school, and do you hope to do so at Ohio State?
Brown: "I returned kicks this year for the first time. Ohio State hasn't said anything about me returning kicks for them."

MontanaBuck3 asks: Who's the big man on campus at Gateway, you or Dorian Bell?
Brown: "These guys are funny [laughing]. Big man on campus? At Gateway, all the football players get treated really well. You could say it's everybody, not just one guy."

TheKaiser21 asks: What's the best advice you received throughout the recruiting process?
Brown: "I can't think of one thing, but I got a lot of advice from Coach Terry [Smith]. He really helped me a lot, like on a daily basis, and he handles everything with the colleges. He would be the person that helped me the most, but I can't think of one thing he said that sticks out."

UAGoldenBuckeye asks: What about playing wide receiver with Terrelle Pryor?
Brown: "I'm excited to be out there with Terrelle. We played together a few years ago at an Adidas camp. We did real well together, and he threw me the ball a lot. It sounds like a lot of fun being out there with him."

longtoothbuck asks: Steelers or Eagles? Who do you have a relationship with in your class?
Brown: "Definitely the Steelers over the Eagles. I like Jamie Wood a lot, of the recruits. He's a cool guy. And Dorian, of course."

BuckeyeBacker asks: What about the great defensive backs that have played at Ohio State, like Antoine Winfield, Nate Clements, Chris Gamble and Malcolm Jenkins? What about the Ohio State schedule over the next few years, with games against USC, Miami, and the other BigTen teams?
Brown: "I like all those guys at Ohio State, and that's a good reason why I chose Ohio State. I know how they put the DBs in the NFL. I like Chris Gamble the most, because of his versatility. I love the schedule that Ohio State plays. It's great to know you'll be playing in the best games in the country. I'm looking forward to playing Penn State the most. I love playing against the best competition, and that brings out the best in everyone."

Greene: Corey, thank you for spending the time answering these questions. Is it safe to say you are 100% committed to Ohio State?
Brown: "No problem at all. This was fun. I am 120% committed to Ohio State."

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