Cleaning The Glass: Houston Baptist Edition

It was a decisive victory for Ohio State when Houston Baptist came to town. men's basketball beat writer Adam Jardy offers his take on the win and his thoughts on the Buckeyes moving forward in the latest installment of "Cleaning The Glass."

I think … it's hard to draw a lot of conclusions from a game like the one Ohio State played against Houston Baptist. The Buckeyes were able to impose their will on the Huskies, who were powerless to do anything but chuck threes in retaliation.

But the way the season has gone lately for OSU, that might not be such a bad thing.

It's obvious that this team has been struggling in the absence of David Lighty, and those struggles have helped conspire to make the Buckeyes drop three of their four teams heading into the Friday night showdown with Houston Baptist.

A decisive win like this against a clearly overmatched opponent might be the spark of good news this team needed. No matter who you are playing against, winning by a large margin always inspires confidence. The task now is to not get too overconfident, but I can honestly say that I'm not worried about this team having that type of problem.

I think … it's getting more and more enjoyable watching William Buford as the season has gone on. The kid makes shooting look effortless much like Daequan Cook did when he was on.

I really like how Buford is playing at both ends of the court right now. He's aggressive on defense and he doesn't leave his feet, which is more than I can say for a number of his teammates.

He's definitely made the most of his extended playing time in Lighty's absence, and it will be hard to take away any of those minutes when the junior returns to action.

I think … we've all expected way, way, way too much too soon from Nicola Kecman. This observation won't exactly set the world on fire, I know, but count me among the people who expected him to come in and play a major role right off the bat.

I'm sure some of his performance against Houston Baptist was simply shaking off some rust and some nerves, but his overall performance was one that leads me to believe that he won't be a factor in the Big Ten.

I think … that Evan Turner might be developing into a player who can talk about heading to the NBA when this season is through – provided that he can remain healthy while enduring the beating he is taking down low.

Turner's offensive arsenal seems to grow a little more each week. I love the fact that he will pull up and nail the mid-range jumper after faking the drive. That's an art you don't see very often anymore.

He doesn't shoot as much from beyond the arc as I'm sure professional teams would like to see, but I think he has the potential to be deadly if called upon.

Turner is the sparkplug that makes this offense run. I'm interested to see if he can withstand the marathon sessions he is logging during games.

I think … P.J. Hill is the first player I've ever seen pass up a wide-open drive to the basket from the top of the circle. Against the Huskies, Hill hesitated before running through a hole you could drive a truck through. The lone defender near the basket was guarding OSU's B.J. Mullens, and he did not come out to challenge the driving Hill.

In a move that had to surprise everyone, Hill still elected to dish off to Mullens rather than take the wide-open layup. Your point guard – even your backup point guard – needs to finish that himself.

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