Duron Carter Speaks With BSB Subscribers

Ohio State recruit Duron Carter had an outstanding performance in the Under Armour All-Star game last weekend. Carter, the son of former Buckeye great Cris Carter, also took the time to answer questions posed by BSB subscribers. Check to see if Duron answered your question in this article by Bill Greene.

Greene: Duron, thank you for your time in answering these questions. Carter: "No problem, thank you."

sklopr asks: How much of a factor did your dad play in your decision? How proud was he when you chose Ohio State? Carter: "My dad pretty much stayed out of my recruiting for the most part, and he didn't push me at all. He was very proud when I chose Ohio State. After I committed I think his true feelings really came out. He was very happy, and very proud. It"

zulu1 asks: Who's faster, you or pops? Carter: "I'm a lot faster than he is right now, no doubt [laughing]."

buckwild23 asks: Tell us something we don't know about your dad. Who is your favorite Buckeye player ever [other than your dad]. Which Ohio State coach recruited you? Will you fight Pryor for the #2 jersey? Carter: "My dad is a big Lakers fan, and nobody knows that. My favorite Buckeye player ever is Chris Gamble. I was recruited by Darrell Hazell, and he's one of the big reasons why I chose Ohio State. No sir, number two is Terrelle's number, and I'll be content with whatever number they give me."

Buckeye111 asks: What current, or former, Buckeye receiver do you want to emulate? What are the chances that Marlon Brown joins you at Ohio State? Carter: "I would say I'd like to be like Michael Jenkins. Marlon Brown has a good shot at being a Buckeye. We talked a lot in Orlando, and I think we can get him."

VBCoach asks: What are your expectations for Ohio State in your career? What current players at Ohio State influenced you, and why? Outside of football, what did you find appealing about Ohio State? Who are you closest to in your recruiting class? Have you tried to influence any recruits to attend Ohio State? What influence has your dad had on your career? What are your thoughts on comparing Ohio high school football to Florida high school football? Carter: "My expectations are for us to win as many national championships as we can. I'm close to Devier Posey the most, and he tells me what to be prepared for next year. In my recruiting class, I speak to Melvin Fellows, Jack Mewhort and Jaamal Berry. I loved everything about the city of Columbus, and how the entire city wraps itself around the team. I speak to Marlon Brown and Nu'keese Richardson about coming to Ohio State. My dad is the guy I try to model myself after, because he was the best, and I want to be the best. The Ohio players seem to be more disciplined, and they don't make a lot of mistakes, while Florida has better athletes, and there is more team speed across the roster."

WuTang4Eva asks: Is it true you were a Michigan fan growing up? Carter: "Yes, that's true, I was a Michigan fan. My dad wasn't too worked up about it, and let me root for whoever I wanted."

5starbuck asks: How much have you worked with your dad to improve your skills? Has it been difficult growing up in his shadow? Carter: "My dad worked with me all the time, even when I was a little league quarterback. Once I moved to receiver, we continued working together on routes, and getting separation. It hasn't been difficult at all growing up as his son, because he's just a regular dad to me. It's been great having him as my dad."

XbuckeyeX asks: What's your favorite route? Are your hands as big as your dad's? Carter: "I love running the slant route, and going across the middle. My hands are actually bigger than my dad's."

sklopr asks: Will your dad help coach you and the other Buckeye receivers? Are you dreading moving from sunny Florida to the cold of Columbus? Carter: "My dad is really confident in Coach Hazell's ability to teach me, and he won't be coaching with the team at all. The weather doesn't bother me at all, because I'm there to play football and get my degree."

drewlawOOBuck asks: What would you say to people who question your speed? Who is the best player you've ever played against? How good did it feel to lay the wood on the block early in the All-Star game? Carter: "The people that question my speed must have never seen me play football. The best player I ever played against was Darrell Givens at the UnderArmour game. I loved making that block, but that's business as usual for me. I take a lot of pride in being able to block."

TeamTressel asks: Since Pryor has taken number two, what number will you wear? Carter: "I've asked for number four, but it's not that important to me. I like the single-digit numbers."

EddieHeisman asks: Did you ever work out with Randy Moss? What do you need to improve? Carter: "Randy Moss used to come work out with my dad, and I was always there, but I was pretty young. I need to work on my concentration on making the easy catch. Sometimes I relax on a play that seems easy, and I can't do that."

the dietz asks: Are you worried about being compared to your dad? Carter: "No, not really. That's always going to be there, but I know what I can do on the field, and so do the Buckeye coaches. I'm fine with that."

DontSitOnTheHood asks: Do you ever go online and read what the recruiting experts say about you? Does it motivate you? How does playing at St. Thomas Aquinas prepare you for college football? Have you ever been hit by Major Wright? Carter: "Yes, I go on the recruiting sites and read what they write. Sometimes it makes me want to prove them wrong, and I use that for motivation. This site has been good to me, and Mr. Greene has always been good. St. Thomas is great because we played against some of the best talent in the country. I stayed away from Major Wright [laughter]. He was a senior when I was a sophomore, but he never got me."

MissStateBuckeye asks: Who has better hands, you or your dad? What do you plan on studying at Ohio State? Carter: "That's a tough question, but I think I have better hands [laughing]. I want to study either business accounting, or business marketing."

buckwild23 asks: Any other players on your team we need to keep an eye on? Carter: "We have a sophomore wide receiver named Phillip Dorsett, and he's the best sophomore I've ever seen. He is going to be a great player."

Folanator asks: Favorite music? Favorite activity other than football? Have you ever met Tim Tebow? Carter: "I like mostly hip-hop and rap, but sometimes I go a little old-school. I love playing basketball, and I shoot around with my dad a lot. I've talked to Tim, and he's a great guy. He's also a great role model for all high school athletes."

CaptainSeegs asks: Which NFL team do you follow? Who will win the Super Bowl? Carter: "I don't really have a favorite NFL team, and I follow everybody. If I had to pick one team, it would be the Arizona Cardinals. I think the Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl."

diznick asks: Describe your best touchdown dance, and how will convince Coach Tressel to let you do it. Carter: "[laughing] In high school, I scored on a long touchdown against Deerfield, and I ran up to their fans and flashed the "O" sign. That won't fly at Ohio State. I will just give the ball back to the referee [laughing]."

sklopr asks: Describe Coach Tressel and do you and your dad think Ohio State should open up the offense? Carter: "Coach Tressel is a very intelligent man. He is also very charismatic, and I don't think the fans see that side of him. When he speaks, you just want to sit there and listen to him. As far as the offense goes, I think they will open up the offense next year, but they had a freshman quarterback this year, so they had to play conservative."

CaptainSeegs asks: If your dad was an incoming freshman, who would be sitting, and who would be playing? Who's the better trash-talker, you or your dad? Carter: "My dad would be behind me [laughing]. I don't know about trash-talking, but I'm guessing I'm better than he is [laughing]."

jwill19osu asks: Do you enjoy blocking? Carter: "I love blocking. What's football without the hitting? I love it."

krenzel16 asks: Will your dad be able to watch you play, considering his schedule? Who's the coolest NFL player you've ever met? Carter: "I'm not sure if he'll be able to watch the games, because he has to be in Bristol on Saturday for meetings. If not, I know he'll be watching us on television up there. The coolest NFL player is Deion Sanders, and nobody else is close. He's just the coolest guy around, and he's just like you see him on television. He dresses great, and he's so fun to be around."

johnnyschmidt asks: What is your best attribute as a receiver? Carter: "Probably my best thing is my blocking, right now. To me, it's an honor to block for a great back like Beanie Wells, or even Jaamal Berry. I think I do a lot of things well, but I still need to get better at everything. I know how hard I'm going to have to work to succeed at Ohio State, because they have so many great players."

BuckeyeMatt67 asks: What are your goals at Ohio State? Carter: "I'm not big on personal goals. I just want to contribute to a great team, like I've done in high school. I guess catching ten touchdowns in a season would be cool at Ohio State.

TheKaiser21 asks: Who are you most excited to play with at Ohio State? Did Major Wright score on the goal line against Lakeland? Is it true your dad drove by three hospitals so you could be born at the Ohio State Medical Center? Carter: "I'm most excited to play with Devier Posey at Ohio State. That must be a Florida dude asking about Lakeland [laughing]. For the record, Major Wright DID score against Lakeland. We got an apology from the state about three weeks after that game. We lost on the last play, but we definitely scored. That story is true about when I was born. I think my mom was pretty ticked off at the time at him, but that's my dad [laughing]."

BrutustheBuckeye2 asks: Pineapple Express or Step Brothers? Will you start next year? What is Jim Tressel's favorite food? Does your dad post on BSB? Carter: "Step Brothers. It's not my decision to start. I just want to come in and help the team, anyway I can. Of course, every player wants to start. I have no idea what Coach Tressel's favorite food is, but I know he likes the fried baloney sandwiches at Eddie George's restaurant. My dad does not post on the internet message boards."

luvosu asks: What are your measurables? Carter: "We don't really do bench press, or stuff like that. I can probably do 210 pounds, like six or seven times. My forty time is in the low 4.5 range."

BizzNasty asks: Do you get tired of people always asking about your dad? Carter: "It's just something that people do, and I understand that people think a lot of him. There's no reason to get mad over it, and to me I know how lucky I am to have the parents I have."

mbartlet asks: What's the funniest thought that's run through your head during a game? Carter: "Oh man, that stuff happens all the time. There's always something going on. I'm always laughing on the field, and I have fun when I'm out there. I just love playing the game, and it just comes out."

fasrnu asks: What was the immaculate show you had planned for the All-Star game? Will you have your first-born child at the same hospital? Carter: "If I would have scored a touchdown, I was going to do the O-H-I-O in the end zone. You know I would have to represent if I had scored [laughing]. I have no clue about where my child will be born [laughing]." gbjbruin asks: Nu'keese Richardson said he's going to get you and Jaamal Berry to visit Florida with him? Any truth to that? Carter: "No way I'm going to Gainesville. Jaamal promised them he would visit before he committed to Ohio State, and he's going to keep his word. Jaamal and I are both set at Ohio State."

BGSUbuck5 asks: Is it hard to believe you aren't a five-star prospect after all you've done? Carter: "Yes, you could say that [laughing]. I don't get too caught up in that stuff at all, to be honest."

stxbuck asks: Have you talked to your Uncle Shane about playing against him next year when you play Wisconsin? Do you have any brothers or sisters that are great athletes? Carter: "Yes, we've talked about that. I told him I'm going to go off on them at least one time [laughing]. My younger sister, Monterae, is a sophomore, and a great goalie in soccer. She's a great athlete."

Greene: Duron, thanks so much for doing this today. We appreciate it. Carter: "No problem at all. Thank you and Go Bucks."

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