Cleaning The Glass: Indiana Home Edition

It was the second blowout victory in a row for the Ohio State men's basketball team, but what sort of statement did it truly make about the Buckeyes? beat writer Adam Jardy breaks down the victory in this latest edition of Cleaning The Glass.

I think … I still don't have any idea how Ohio State is going to be able to compete through the thick of the Big Ten schedule without David Lighty in the lineup. What I saw prior to this current two-game winning streak was an inconsistent offensive attack that was stagnant at the half-court level, and two victories against clearly inferior opponents have shown me little about what this offense can be.

The Buckeyes have put up 89 and 77 points against Houston Baptist and Indiana, respectively. What does that tell me about their offensive capabilities? Absolutely nothing.

Sure, it's nice to see OSU beat up on an overmatched opponent from a statistical standpoint, and any sort of winning streak beats the alternative and will get players – and fans – energized. But can you really predict how the Buckeyes will perform on the road against Wisconsin, Michigan and the like based on how they have played recently? Nope.

I could be way off base here, and OSU might go on a tear during the coming few games. It's entirely possible that the offensive explosions we've seen in the last two contests are glimpses into what the rest of the season is going to look like.

But sitting here at Value City Arena with the lights dimmed immediately after the win against the Hoosiers, I don't see any way I can predict that sort of success.

I think … OSU head coach Thad Matta needs to realize that he does have a bench, even though it is seemingly getting shorter on a minute-by-minute basis. What was once a full contingent of Buckeyes lost another one Monday night when Nikola Kecman suffered a torn ACL and was knocked out for the rest of the season, but what I don't understand is why Matta does not go to the well a little more often.

With a few minutes left in the game, all but two of the team's points were on the floor including leading scorer William Buford and all-everything players Jon Diebler and Evan Turner. I know there might not be enough guys to give them all breathers, but for Diebler to play 38 minutes and Buford 37 when you're blowing out a helpless Indiana team does not add up for me.

After the game, Matta pointed to the fact that so many players on the roster are young and in need of growing moments in games as the reason why he didn't substitute more. I can respect that to a fault.

Why did Walter Offutt see just three minutes of action? There is absolutely no good reason for this, and I think it might be situations like this that result in players like Eric Wallace and Anthony Crater opting to leave the program.

I think … that I was disappointed in the fact that the Hoosiers were out-hustling the Buckeyes despite the margin on the scoreboard. It seemed like every loose ball on the court was grabbed by a diving Indiana player while a Buckeye reached for the ball while staying on his feet.

If Indiana wasn't such a bad team, they might be a pretty good team the way they hustle. The Buckeyes could take a lesson from that.

I think … I feel awful for Kecman and his loss. I can't imagine what it must have been like to get to Columbus, wait for several months to find out you can't play for the first 12 games, not see any action in your first contest and then suffer a torn ACL after seeing 11 minutes of action against a team like Houston Baptist.

That's a really tough break, and I hope the kid's career still pans out and makes up for all he's had to go through.

I think … Evan Turner might be a candidate to be heading to the NBA after this season. I know the topic has been discussed before and periodically came up last season, but it's clear his game has progressed to another level this year.

Turner is adept at taking opponents off the dribble, and I love how he can drive, stop, separate himself from the defender and knock down the mid-range jumper. You don't see that very often in college basketball, and he has perfected it. When he does pull up and shoot from deep, he's hit on 8 of 14 attempts this season.

He still needs to work on his handle, but if he keeps playing like this I'm not sure he can't do that in the pros and get paid handsomely for it.

I think … that it would be a shame if I wrote one of these and didn't mention B.J. Mullens in some way, shape or form. He had 14 points on 7 of 8 shooting and looked fluid at times on the court against the Hoosiers, but he committed four turnovers that all would have otherwise been easy baskets.

This kid needs to work now on simply catching the ball. For his sake, I hope these drops he's shown during games are more a case of nerves and not an overall flaw in his game.

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