Johnny Simon Speaks With BSB Subscribers

Five star defensive tackle Johnny Simon, Youngstown Cardinal Mooney, committed to Ohio State in December of 2007. As signing day approaches, Simon took the time to answer questions posed by BSB subscribers. Check out the interview by Bill Greene, and see if your question was answered.

Greene: Johnny, I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview.
Simon: "No problem at all. Call any time you need anything."

Hawk47Kat45 asks: When did you know Ohio State was the school for you? What is your max bench press?
Simon: "I knew it would be Ohio State right from the beginning. I just wanted to see Notre Dame to see what it was like. After I met the Ohio State coaching staff, and got to see everything, I was totally convinced. My max bench is 445, and that was from last January."

GoodOleBuck asks: You and Thad Gibson in an alley, who wins?
Simon: "I don't know how to answer that, but I don't fight teammates [laughing]."

Clevbuck asks: Who has been your role model growing up, and why? Favorite flavor of wings at "The Lube"?
Simon: "My role model is my father, because he started training me at a young age. I've always looked up to him, and tried to do the things he's done. No favorite flavor of wings, but there better be a lot of them. My buddies and I go there for eating competitions, and we go through a ton of food."

Awesom asks: What is your max bench and squat, and how much do you weigh?
Simon: "My max bench is 445, and I haven't maxed out squat since I was a junior, and I think it was around 700. I currently weigh 280 pounds."

VBCoach asks: Do you plan on getting on Adam Homan for beating you in the state championship game? How did playing at Mooney help you succeed? What were your impressions of the Army game? Who were the best players at the Army game?
Simon: "Absolutely not, Coldwater played well and deserved to win. I'm looking forward to being teammates with the Homans. Mooney helped me a lot because of the great coaching I received. Mooney is a hard-nosed program in a blue-collar town like Youngstown, and that taught me to play physical football. The U. S. Army experience was a great honor. I agree with everything that the Army stands for, so that meant a lot to me. I couldn't pick one player, because every player was great. They were all great athletes."

VBCoach asks: What are your strengths as a defensive lineman? What do you need to work on? Are you looking forward to working with Eric Lichter and the Ohio State training staff?
Simon: "My greatest strength would be my hustle, and playing to the whistle. I try to play with a nasty attitude. I feel I have to work on everything to succeed at Ohio State. I want to make my weaknesses my strengths, and make my strengths better. I like Coach Lichter a lot. We've spoken a few times, and I'm ready to get down there and get after it."

FarEastJets: Would you consider redshirting next year:
Simon: "I will do whatever the coaches want. I just want to help the team, in whatever way they want me to."

BrutustheBuckeye2 asks: Who wins the Super Bowl this year? Have you been to Jim Tressel's house? What do you want to accomplish in four years at Ohio State?
Simon: "The Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl, guaranteed. I've never been to Coach Tressel's house, but he was at my house last week to visit. My mom fixed us dinner, and we had a great time together. I just want to win as many championships as we can at Ohio State, and be a contributor."

TWSPAHN asks: Will you be enrolling early at Ohio State?
Simon: "No, I'll be there on June 20th, and will take summer classes."

ChaneyBuckeye asks: Wedgewood, Belleria or Inner Circle?
Simon: "I gotta say Wedgewood. Those are all great pizza places."

BuckeyeZ06 asks: Handels or Katie's Corner? Gorants or Giannos?
Simon: "I'll take Handels, and Giannos."

MissStateBuckeye asks: Browns fan or Steelers fan? What's your favorite move on the defensive line?
Simon: "That's an easy one. I'm a die-hard Steelers fan. My favorite move is a straight bull rush. I try to use a lot of moves, but my favorite move to get after it is the bull rush."

naplesbuckeye2002 asks: What do you say to people that say you are "maxed out" from a physical standpoint? What was it like playing against Marcus Hall?
Simon: "I disagree with that totally. I've been adding weight consistently all along, doing it slowly, but the right way. Marcus Hall is a great guy, and we hung out a lot at the Army game. Hopefully, Marcus joins all of us at Ohio State."

gsnuts asks: What were you looking for in a program, a head coach, and a position coach?
Simon: "I was looking for a great atmosphere, great coaches to teach me the game, and great players to be around. Ohio State fit all those characteristics. Coach Tressel is exactly what I wanted in a head coach in every way, and I think he's the perfect head coach. Coach Heacock is a man that cares for his players, and will do anything for his guys. He gets after it every day, and he's a big reason I'm happy about going to Ohio State."

royalte asks: What superhero would you be? What sports have you played besides football? What music do you listen to before games?
Simon: "A superhero? Let's say Superman [laughing]. I played baseball, and I was into wrestling a lot growing up. I listen to a mix of music. I like a lot of orchestra music, trying to stay calm, and letting the excitement build before games."

BuckeyeNatural asks: When did you realize you were going to be a pretty good football player? What age did you start lifting weights? How much do you attribute your lifting numbers to natural strength, and how much to hard work? Do you worry about how much weight your frame can hold, and still be explosive?
Simon: "I just always loved playing football, and I was a quarterback growing up. They moved me to the line as a sophomore, and things just clicked for me. I started lifting in the fifth grade. I was doing pushups and situps before I started lifting. I give all the credit to the hard work I've done. My father helped, and so did my lifting coach, Mark Lyden. I was taught a work ethic, and the proper technique, at an early age, and it's really paid off for me. If I continue to do things the right way, there's no worry about adding too much weight. I work on speed and flexibility all the time."

buckatborder asks: Do you have anything special planned for Brandon Beachum and Mike Zordich?
Simon: "We will see how that works out. Brandon and Mike are great friends, and I'm excited to play against both of them. They're both great players, and I was honored to be teammates with them."

buckatborder asks: At what age should a kid begin working out to prepare for football?
Simon: "I'm not a professional, but I started lifting in the fifth grade, and I was doing exercises long before that. My father started me out pretty young. The key is building slowly, and doing the right things."

brutus1958 asks: What are you majoring in at Ohio State? Do you think you have a chance to play next season?
Simon: "I plan on majoring in exercise science, because that's a field that interests me a lot. If I'm good enough to play, then I'll be on the field. The best players play at Ohio State."

buckeyebauer88 asks: What number would you like to wear and why?
Simon: "I'd like to wear number 54, because I wore it as a sophomore at Mooney. I just love that number, and I really don't know why."

mbartlet asks: Can you remember the hardest hit you took? What's the best hit you've delivered?
Simon: "I've taken some good shots in my career, but nothing really stands out as the worst. It was probably so hard that I can't remember [laughing]. I've laid a few good hits on people, but I'm not one to brag about those things. I'm lucky to have great players around me that worked hard to let me come free on the quarterback."

buckwild23 asks: What coach recruited you? Do you have any hobbies?
Simon: "I was recruited by Coach Heacock, and I have a great relationship with him. He's a hard worker, and I respect that in the man. I really enjoy reading about military history, and that would be my biggest hobby."

BuckeyeinIll asks: What's your favorite subject in school? Who do you speak with the most in your recruiting class?
Simon: "I'm a big lunch-time guy [laughing], and I enjoy eating the most. Actually, it would be history. I speak to everyone, but mostly it's Storm Klein, Adam Homan, Corey Linsley and Adam Bellamy. I'll be calling Storm today at half-time of the Steelers game."

mojobanger asks: Is Jamel Turner as good as advertised? Jays hot dog fan? Cornersburg pizza fan?
Simon: "Jamel Turner is a great player. I've played against him, and he's really good. He makes plays, and I look forward to having him at Ohio State. Not a big hot dog fan at all. I love Cornersburg pizza, and I just had it last night [laughing]."

TheKaiser21 asks: Who are you most excited to play with? When did you realize you could play at the college level? Will you leave early for the NFL draft?
Simon: "I'm excited to be a part of the Ohio State family, and I look forward to playing with everyone on the roster. They're all my brothers, and I see all of them as equal. I've always felt I could play at that level, and felt it was just a matter of hard work. Getting the Ohio State offer was an unbelievable moment for me. I do not ever see myself leaving Ohio State early, and that's an impossible question to answer anyway. The NFL seems like a hundred miles away, and I don't think about it."

dplaw asks: Who came in second recruiting you? What was the deciding factor?
Simon: "I would say Notre Dame came in second, but it wasn't close. It's hard to say what the deciding factor was, because I liked everything about the program. Ohio State just had everything I was looking for, and there wasn't a school that could come close."

BizzNasty asks: You and Beanie Wells meet in the hole. Do you make the tackle?
Simon: "He's a great player, who's done so much for Ohio State, but I feel I can hold my own against anybody out there. I never dog another player, but I have confidence that I can do the job."

GoodOleBuck asks: Your favorite band of all time and what type of music do you listen to?
Simon: "I don't have a favorite band at all. I mostly listen to classic rock, but I listen to a variety of music."

Greene: Thanks again for the time.
Simon: "I really appreciate the fans' interest in me, and I hope I can earn my scholarship through my effort."

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